Monday, January 5, 2015

What I'm Fixin' This Week!

One of my New Year's Resolutions is that I become more consistent with my meal planning. To be honest I am fairly dependable with meal least with our main meal. My problem is all the in-betweens. Especially when it comes to what I need to be eating. I spent much of December just grabbing what was handy.

Here's the truth, my friends. I didn't lose 80 pounds grabbing what's handy. Remaking your life and habits takes work and a lot of deliberate planning and preparing.

So my goal this year is to get back to what I know works.  Sometime back I posted my meal plan for the week every Monday. I want to start doing that again. I know that it helps when I see what other folks are fixin' at their houses. It gives me inspiration. I also want to provide a little bit of mealtime inspiration myself.

Just something to remember when looking over my menu. I follow the THM (Trim Healthy Mama) principles. We also commute every weekend to our job as Associate Pastors in another town. My mom feeds us...which is absolutely fabulous. I am only including the 5 days I planned for this week.


Chili - I'm using leftover beans for this batch.
Saltine Crackers - My guys like a little crunch. I'll just enjoy the chili.

 Tuesday - My 'at-home-day' is precious to me. If I'm going to make something special during the week this is the day. I also like to do any chopping, storing (whatever) for my eating plan.

Slow Cooker Hillbilly Pinto Beans (my recipe) - I'm putting these on before I go to bed on Sunday night...which will be easy. Downton Abby starts season 5!
Greens (frozen from my Dad's summer garden) - I like this recipe from Tyler Florence...only I use swiss chard and don't cook them quite as long.
Cornbread (for my guys)


Alfredo  with Dreamfields Pasta - If you love alfredo sauce you have to try this recipe from The Pioneer Woman. It will make you want to smack somebody it's so good. I made it last night with shrimp and broccoli and I spent the whole night looking for random people to smack. True story. Dreamfields pasta is supposed to be better for all the low carb eaters, but sometimes I just have my sauce over spaghetti squash or zucchini.

Tossed salad (the larger the better!)

Thursday - This day is our Reading Club day. Because we are gone for several hours this is a good day to put something in the crockpot.

Crock Pot Spicy Chinese Chicken - this comes from a recipe I have at home.
Baked Brown Rice - Alton's recipe is the best.
Stir Fry Broccoli - I use a bag of frozen florets and quickly give them a whirl in the pan with a tiny bit of oil and garlic. Every meal needs a little green.

Friday - Our family day! And Josiah's swim team practice. I like to cook something homey on this day if I have time.

Crock Pot Balsamic Pork Roast
Loaded Cauliflower bake
Green Beans (canned from my Dad's garden this summer)

What's on the table at your house this week?

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