Friday, April 24, 2015

Just Shoot Me!

I've been a little quiet on social media as of late. You probably didn't even notice.

Currently, my head feels like it's being occupied by jello. I have some kind of strange rash and last I checked there were 4 baskets of laundry waiting for my attention.

And then there is my computer.

I dropped it.

It's not wanting to work.

I'm presently using The Muffin's desktop which means I am sitting at. a. desk.

What? My favorite position in the world is curled up on one end of my comfy couch with a cup of hot tea beside me. I usually sit on one leg and prop the other one up on my coffee table.

I just don't feel as chatty with a rash and a desktop computer.

This evening, The Muffin and my Little Bro are catching all the fish they can (hopefully). I was supposed to take Josiah to swim team practice, but I am all achy and rashy and decided to drown my sorrows in cup of hot tea.

Shew. Brightened your Friday evening right up, didn't I?

Last week, Josiah and I got an opportunity to be extras in a commercial for our local theme park, Silver Dollar City.

It wasn't because we are so attractive and camera ready. They asked for homeschoolers to come out. We just happen to be a bit more available during the day. The commercial shoot was actually rescheduled 3 days in a row. We had a bit of nasty, rainy weather. They wanted nice and sunny.

Go figure.

Our instructions were to wear clothing that was bright and summery. We were going to be provided snacks, but considering our long shoot day they suggested to bring more. Children are notorious eaters. They must be fed.

I had taken Josiah to Old Navy the day before to get a new t-shirt. We couldn't wear anything that had any kind of insignia on it. This meant that Josiah's usual uniform of some sort of football shirt wasn't going to make the cut. Can I tell you I spent 10 minutes telling him why he couldn't buy yet another black or gray shirt?  

I think he's in a fashion rut.

 Here is our little group of friends. There wound up being about 102 of us total.

We all met in a certain location and were given tickets to get into the park (plus tickets to come back again for our trouble).  We walked and walked and walked to a spot that we could stash any heavy stuff if we needed to. I didn't have anything that bulky, but Dawn (my friend) left her stroller there.

This was the location we filmed in.  Silver Dollar City's newest attraction. I can't count how many things this little area of the park as been since I was a kid. Right now it's all bright and new and shiney.

The park was open, but all those guys that you see there in the middle are film crew. When we got there they hadn't quite finished with the morning crew. We were instructed to find ourselves a place to sit and hang out until we were called for.

Meanwhile, the kids got to ride all the little rides that were located around us. This is the Dizzy Dog. Dawn told me it does, in fact, make one Dizzy.

The little kids had sooo much fun. They rode and rode and rode.

When it was finally time for us to film they had the kids run through the little water sprinklers that are located in the middle of the attraction. This is pretty much what Josiah did. I doubt he makes it into the final cut of this particular part of the commercial. Taking a shower isn't what they had in mind.

They filmed this little bit over and over again. Probably an hours worth. By the time the kids were done they were soaked. Which was okay with Josiah Bevans. He did have take take of his socks to dry.

I took a few more pictures of what happened next, but between all of my computer disasters I somehow didn't get them transferred. They gave all the extras a break for about an hour while they filmed with the actors they had hired. There was a charming little boy who wandered around in a fireman's suit and a "family" visiting the park. It was fun to watch.

Josiah and I took a little time to wander in search for something to eat. I eventually settled on a Hot Dog on a Stick (I was really looking for the fried taters) and Josiah got some Dipping Dots. At this point I wasn't too worried about his nutrition. He had already eaten his weight in Cheetos from the extra's Snack Cart.

The real action happened after the park closed at 6:00pm. We were all gathered together and given instructions. They were going to film this section of the park in action. They wanted it to appear as if it were full and alive.

Most of the filming was done from this baby. This lift reached high above the trees. Cameramen and photographers perched on the platform and filmed take after take.

Some of us were sent to rides. Some were sent to circle a particular area over and we were walking around.

Josiah and I were sent to the Balloon ride as extras. Here is what you need to know. I am not afraid of heights. I don't mind things that move fast. But. Apparently, I get dizzy. Especially after riding the thing 3 times. When they would yell "action" and start the ride up I would put on my happiest face, hold on to my hair and pray that I didn't loose that Hot Dog on a Stick I had eaten the hour before.

After ride #3 we were told we could trade out with another group of extras.

Thank goodness! The rest of the 8 million takes Josiah and I circled around and pretended to be taking it all in. I was still dizzy and just a little sick to my stomach. I kept telling myself, "Just breath, Beke. Don't throw up. You'll embarrass your momma."

On the whole it was a lot of fun. Eventually, they told us they had what they needed and it was time to leave.

We limped up the hill (literally). Before we left we had to get some pictures next to the flags. (It's World Fest at Silver Dollar City!)

 This was the trolley ride back to the car. These boys don't look like we've just had an 8-hour day filming a commercial.

Notice I didn't include any pictures of me at this point. I would have been decidedly green.

We are now looking forward to taking our tickets for a day back. Josiah is all ready to ride the Balloon Ride once again.

I am not. I think I'll stick with the Hot Dog on a Stick.

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