Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Somebody just knock me out...

So this isn't the most thought out blog post I've ever written. I'm literally sitting on my couch right now inhaling my cup of coffee before heading back into the fray. I am in mad dash to clean my house.

It's all my computer's fault. Or it could be my crazy, busy, crazy, busy schedule over the past few week. Or it could be that I'm just not on my "A" game.

But then again...My "A" game is usually less than inspired.

For the past few weeks, I have been preparing my niece for her High School Graduation. Actually, I had nothing to do with the graduation itself (other than my opinion on what she should wear). I threw her a Graduation Tea Party....complete with scones, chicken salad sandwiches and real china. I had help, of course (namely, my brother and sis-in-law paid for all of it!) and my Momma lent me her expertise, petit four dipping skills and half of the butter in her freezer. Not to mention my Dad. He picked his prize peonies. They were gorgeous and really made the party. I promise pictures as soon as I can get them from the other people who took them. It was loverly.

And as I explained a few weeks ago, I managed drop my laptop in the parking lot. My parents are literally these weird computer whisperers and I took it them for repair. I have it back now and other loosing everything on it and this strange black shadow in the right hand corner it has been fine.


It doesn't know that today is May 20. It told me that it is May 19.

Which is why I am cleaning like a mad woman.

May 20th is the day that the Pest Control guy comes for our quarterly bug inspection.

Can I tell you that my house is not bug inspection ready?  This could be because I have piles of muffin tins, tea servers and odd bags of tissue paper in about every corner of my house.

Up until last night I still had boxes and bags of tea bags strewn from one end of my living room to the other.

When I plan a party everything is involved.

I thought I still had a day to empty the ice cooler of strange and obviously used petit four containers, but no. While whipping up a batch of biscuits this morning I thought, "How can today be the 19th?"

It's good to know something in my brain works.

I am still dreaming about wrapping skewers with tiny tags of washi tape. My body hurts all over and more than once I've found myself staring off into the distance.

My poor long-suffering husband.  For weeks he has been sharing me with a tea party.

I suppose the bug inspection is a blessing in disguise. I might have draped my favorite chenille bedspread over the mess on my table until my sister-in-law comes to visit in June...or until I start crafting for our Annual Cousin Camp.

Oh yes,  my friends. It is approaching.

Maybe I should put that tissue paper back where I can find it again.

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