Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cousin Camp: Mystery at Raccoon Manor - The Hangover

Strep Throat and Asthma and Rain...Oh my!

All of those things made an appearance at Cousin Camp in one form or another this year.

This year was not my most prepared by any means. I was still recovering from vacation (only Americans have to 'recover' from Vacation) and company and general "blahness."

Let me assure any doubters that pulling off a week like this takes WORK. This next year, mom and I have decided to start in January.

At present, I am sitting in my favorite corner of my couch. I am blurry-eyed and suffering from some sort of strange rash. I just assigned some math work for Josiah. He looked at me like I was asking him to identify an ancient relic from the forbidden planet. "What is this MATH of which you speak?"

Despite my cousin camp hangover (brought on my too much fun and coffee), I want to take the time this week and share some of our adventures.

At the end of cousin camp my mom handed me a disc with 857 pictures on it.

These aren't including the pictures I took on my phone everyday and posted to Facebook. I wanted to assure my siblings and their spouses that their children were having a good time and had not been eaten up by the pond monster or captures by aliens.

I won't share all the pictures.

Frankly, I am surprised I am able to type at this point.

Our theme this year was "Mystery at Raccoon Manor." We decided to give it a 1920's vibe. I created character for all the kids and searched the internet for period photographs that my Mom could use in Photoshop.

Here is the story.

Lady Prunella Tambling Goggin, an eccentric aristocrat, has built up her family fortune by investing in odd and unique formulas and notions. She has recently discovered the invention for the Amazing Growth Serum…a magical formula garunteed to make you taller and help hair grow back She  suspiciously went missing while she was writing her will. All of her relatives and friends of her estate are suspects to her disappearance. All of the suspects are invited to her estate (Raccoon Manor) to prove their innocence, find out who is responsible for Prunella’s disappearance, and discover to whom Prunella left her fortune.
I was Lady Prunella. We made a short video.  It was a hit.  Payge (age 6) wanted to watch it every day.

I had a good time with Josiah's (age 13) character.

Dr.Jones Looneydig is an archeaologist who, unfortunately, has made some controversial claims; including the bizarre theory that Darth Vader actually played for the Minnesota Vikings. He wants Lady Prunella to fund his next archaeological dig. He hopes to prove that King Tut was, in fact, Lando Calrissian. His appeal for more money hasn't gone well.

I even created a newspaper containing clues.

I have just a few issues. Haha! Issues. We can go so many different directions with that one.

Over the next couple of days I want to share our between doctors visits and swim meets.  I really just need a good week of long and productive naps.


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