Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Few Lovely Thrift Store Finds

Yesterday was a exceptionally productive day.

I ran an errand to the bank and then to the grocery store.

I did 7 loads of laundry with Josiah's help (he's my heavy lifter). How in the world did we get so much laundry? It seems to procreate. Then all the little socks leave home.

I also cleaned my kitchen, organized my little book basket, made chicken soup for The Muffin (he's sick), some cheddar sage biscuits and a buttermilk pie.

I watched an episode of Cook's Country and watched every version of  Pride and Prejudice I have in possession.

In the middle of rocking my day, I took a few pictures of some treasures I picked up at The Thrift Store recently.

You know The Thrift Store is almost The Happiest Place on Earth (it's a close second behind Hobby Lobby).

Isn't this the cutest cake pan? It's bright and shiny and pink.

My Mother-in-Law actually got this for me at a Flea Market in Indiana. It was $8.50 with 10% off. I think I'm going to bake a cake and bring it to church for Bible Study.

My next goody came from a Goodwill in Indiana. I am doing top secret loom knitting projects for Christmas right now. There was a bunch of this soft pink yarn for .99 a skein! I should have gotten more. 

I bought this glass pitcher  at one of my favorite Thrift Stores. It is run by volunteers and supports a local boy's home. I have bought the best stuff here for almost nothing. 

I love pitchers. The picture doesn't do it justice. It is very heavy and is decorated with a lovely etched flower. 

I spent a little more on this beauty than I usually do for a pitcher. This one, however, is brand new and was originally $50.00.

I am going to use it for our family suppers and fill it with water and fresh lemon slices. Pretty fancy.

You might have remembered that I mentioned The French Chef series (Julia Child) streaming on youtube. I found the cookbook last week in Indiana at a Goodwill for .50!

It is in excellent condition. I love that it identifies the show that each recipe comes from. I think Josiah and I are going to pick out a few of our favorite episodes and try the recipe from the book. I have my eye on this Cassoulet.

There were a few more cookbooks at that particular Goodwill that I would have loved to have. I restrained myself and stuck with this one.

Which is more than I can say for myself concerning that box of Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds my sister-in-law sent home with me from Indiana.

Happy Thrifting, my friends!

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