Saturday, August 8, 2015

Join Me Next Week for the Back to Homeschool Blog Hop!

Hello, my friends! While we homeschool (mostly) year round, I decided that this summer we would take a little bit longer of a break.

Trust me. We needed it.

This week I've been doing some extra deep housecleaning (if you count cleaning out underneath my sink, extra deep) and trying to get all of my curriculum and plans in line.

I am still dreadfully behind.

I one of those strange, homeschool moms who head into a school year with more than a bit of trepidation.

It probably has more to do with Josiah's different learning needs than anything else. After all, there is nothing I like better than school supplies.

"Will this math help him?"

"How can I challenge him without completely freaking him out?"

What I have found the longer I homeschool is that I don't need as much inspiration for why we are homeschooling. We are pretty much lifers.

I just want some practical advice. What can I do today? What resources do I have at my fingertips? I am never going to have that beautiful schoolroom (at least, not this year). And our homeschool is going to look different than most everybody else's. I know now not to waste time with things that only burn my energy and brain space.

There are a few things that I know. I need to feed my family. I need to take care of myself. I have more success by introducing the material Josiah needs to learn using a visual and kinsthetic model. I also want to fill our home with quality literature and living books. I am going to stay true to my own educational philosophy and the spiritual needs of our household.

I am going let you pick my brain a little and supply a few of my favorites concerning some of these needs I have listed above.

This is what I am going to share with you this week.

Monday: Cheat Sheets for Good Eats ~ Tips for Homeschooling Mommas and Their Hungry Families

Tuesday: Have You Heard This One? ~ My Very Favorite Audio Books and Dramatizations

Wednesday: Popcorn and A Movie? ~ Worthwhile Documentaries, Videos and Movies for the Homeschooling Family

Thursday: Seeing Is Believing! ~ Links and Tips for Some Pretty Awesome Lapbooks, Notebooks and Printables

Friday: What Your Momma Never Told You: ~ My Favorite Tips for the Worn Out, Burnt Out and the Just Plain Fruity Momma.

My little contribution to this Back to Homeschool is minor. You can see below that I have many friends who are going to bless you with tips, helps and inspiration.

Back to Homeschool Blog Hop

Mark your calendars - 10 to 14 August - it's time for this years Homeschool Blog Hop.  The Schoolhouse Review Crew will be joining forces with Homeschool Blogging Connection to bring you a week full of back to school encouragement.

We have 56 homeschool Mom's sharing their combined wisdom and insights covering everything Homeschool related. That's 280 posts of encouragement and information just for you!

Meet Your Back to Homeschool Blog Hop Hosts

Marcy @ Ben and Me

Rebecca @ Raventhreads
Annette @ In All You Do

Aurie @ Our Good Life
Jennifer @ A Peace of Mind
Katie @ DailyLife
Melissa @ Mom's Plans
Annette @ A Net In Time

Crystal @ Crystal Starr
Shawna @ Tenacity Divine
Jacquelin @ A Stable Beginning 
Leah Courtney @ As We Walk Along the Road

Hope to see you back here next week!

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