Thursday, September 24, 2015

Yay Me! A Weight Loss Journal

Is the first week of fall!  I'm excited. I don't like to see the onset of winter, but I love all the things that come with fall.

It has certainly motivated me to move a bit more this week. This week I want to share some of my accomplishments and then a few of my goals.

1. I had consistently good workouts at the Y. Even when I was tired.

2. Me and Josiah walked a mile! It was a big fat hairy deal for me.

3. I did some weight training.

4. I ate a good breakfast every single day.

5. I made sure I had plenty of water to drink.

Here are some goals.

1. No processed sugar...AT ALL! Shouldn't be a big deal, but there have been a few too peanut butter sandwiches in my diet. And I'm not talking about the natural peanut butter.

2. Continue my exercise throw down.

3. Add T-Tapp into my routine.

4. Make up some pre-made lunches for myself. Being pressed for time is most of my battle.

5. Ignore the snack station at Josiah's swim meet this weekend. I've heard talk of donuts on the premises.

I encourage you to pat yourself on the back for your accomplishments! Being self-defeating won't help you at all.

Make a few goals for yourself. Take one day at a time and share ideas and encouragement with a like-minded friend or family member.

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