Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Yesterday, we woke up to a crisp fall morning here in the Ozarks. Josiah and I threw on some tennis shoes and headed out our door for a quick walk to the bank.

I'm not sure how far away our bank is. It is far enough away to make one feel as if the walk counts for something, but not too far away that it makes one feel that she has to take off the rest of the day to recuperate.


As I was walking along one of the city sidewalks (which haven't been dressed in holiday style BTW) I noticed an imprint of a leaf embedded into the sidewalk itself. It's delicate lines forever etched out in concrete...or until the city decides its time for a new sidewalk.

Did your momma ever tell you (in the middle of some pouting jag) that if you didn't stop your face was going to freeze that way?

I don't think my momma did. If she ever gave us any warning involving body parts she had a whole host of scientific evidence to back it up.

My parenting style is just a little bit different. I use enormously helpful words like "thingy" and "stuff".

The idea, however, that an attitude or thought process that we find ourselves constantly returning too can forever leave a lasting stain upon our lives.

So can the impressions we leave with others. I will put it to you this way.

If you are going to be the only impression of Christ others might see are you making a lasting impression? What kind of imprint are you leaving for others to see?

I hope I am leaving an impression that models Christ. I hope that I am displaying all of those good and worthwhile things like faithfulness, patience, gentleness and kindness...and especially love.

Is the impression I am leaving declaring the goodness of God? Or am I just another voice in the "poor me" section of the choir?

What kind of impression are you leaving?

It's something to think about.

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