Saturday, October 10, 2015

Shucky Dern: A Weight Loss Journal


Can you hear my frustration?

Here is basically the story.

Fluffy Girl looses a whole lot of weight.

Kinda Fluffy Girl stalls. Big time. Like for 1 year.

Kinda Fluffy Girl starts to gain some weight again and blames it on a number of things.

Vacation. Stress. Holidays. Stress. Vacation. Stress. Frozen Custard.

The number one enemy in Kinda Fluffy girl's battle is her Thyroid. Or so she thinks.

After all, she has strange itchy skin, thinning hair, weight gain, a swollen face, and extreme fatigue.

She vows to take control and take charge.

Kinda Fluffy Girl goes to her beloved doctor (who has been there through thick and thin) and is SURE that pesky thyroid is going to show its true colors via a blood test.

Kinda Fluffy Girl also discovers that she has gained a lot more weight that she had even admitted to herself.

Does she call herself Fluffy Girl once again?

And then. The vile blood test revealed that all of her levels were wonderful. Lovely. Perfect.

As if.

So what does (Kinda) Fluffy Girl do?

In the midst of this, (Kinda) Fluffy Girl as was gets a prescription for steroids because persistent itchiness all over her body. Her doctor warned her that her blood sugars might elevate during the course of the treatment.

Low and behold.

The perfect storm of a faulty insulin pen, a few cookies and the steroid elevated her blood sugar dangerously.

Nothing like a little blood sugar crisis to make one feel perfectly nifty.

(Kinda) Fluffy Girl is again reminded that she can't play around with her life and health. She needs to focus again on healthy proteins and beautiful vegetables. All calories are not created equal.

Don't you just love those wake up calls?

Mind tend to be a little dramatic. I could tell something was wrong this past week. On Wednesday night I took Josiah to dive practice. I worked out a little bit then went home and finished supper.

I felt horrible. My face was flushed, my head hurt and I felt like I was coming down with the flu.

The Muffin got up the next morning for work (around 5ish) and I got up with him. I soaked in the tub a little bit because I still felt bad. After he left for work I sat down and took my blood sugar. I should have taken it the night before.

My fasting blood sugar was almost 300.

I can't even imagine what it had been overnight.

Sometimes all I need is a good kick in the drawers to get my attention. Unfortunately, those kicks tend to be a bit dramatic. My last good kick involved a violent allergic reaction to a new insulin.

And while I can honestly say that for the most part I do pretty well with the whole healthy lifestyle thing....This episode motivated me to take a step back and take control of my health once again.

Are you experiencing something similar in your life? Do you wonder what it will take for you to completely get serious about your health?

Here is a bit of wisdom. The doctors don't have all the answers (surprise, surprise). Nobody is going to do it for you. There isn't a magic pill. There isn't a mystical formula that all the skinny people in the world have down, but aren't sharing. If there were I would know about it...I used to be one of those skinny people.

So my assignment for the week is to continue to record honestly all that I am putting in my mouth. What is right for some people might not be right for me. When I eat those good and healthy breakfasts I am setting myself up for a productive day. When I eat a balanced and nutritious lunch (not something quickly thrown into my mouth because I am in a hurry) I am providing my body with much needed energy. When I lovingly prepare a beautiful and delicious supper for my family I am showing my commitment to them for all of us to be fit and healthy. I am teaching my son to live well.

This week my assignment is to live thoughtfully and beautifully. Every step I take is one more step towards a leaner and healthy body.

What is so hard is that I feel shame. I am ashamed of myself. I realize that many things in life are beyond my control. This week I need to channel some of that into accountability and productivity.

So dear friends. It's a new day. If you have struggled with similar issues I encourage you to recommit yourself to being good to YOU.

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