Saturday, October 24, 2015

To Start of November...And A Book Sale from Golden Prairie Press!


I want to share just a few things with you today.

First of all, last year I reviewed Countdown to Thanksgiving: Memory Making Stories & Activities for 14 Days Leading Up to Thanksgiving.  by Amy Puetz (Golden Prairie Press). I so enjoyed using it in the month of November. I am pulling it out again this year.

What I need to tell you is that  Amy will be having a sale on the book, October 26-November 6. You can purchase the book either in printed booik or in an e-book.  

It is really a precious resource. 

In addition to getting my November homeschool resources rounded up, I beginning to gather materials for our Blessing Tree. 

This was from a couple of years ago...It was pretty pitiful looking. 

I had thought about switching it up this year and using sticks, berries and other fall wildflowers to make an arrangement for the table. My niece gathered me a bunch last weekend. I thought we could hang little cardboard tags on burlap from the branches with our blessings written out. 

You would have thought I suggested banning any reference to the NFL from our house. Josiah insists we carry on our yearly tradition with paper tree in the hall. 

I think, however, I still will put a twist on it by using some mixed media leaves. 

Good Grief! Who knew that a teenage boy would care so much about a paper tree! 

November is also Josiah's birthday! In fact, it is the day after Thanksgiving. We will be spending the holiday with the in-laws this year (my in-laws :<). He's already requested a football birthday featuring one of his favorite teams (yet to be determined). 

He is going to be 14!! WAAAAAA! 

In the next few weeks we will be taking his birthday pictures while the leaves are still pretty (and on the trees). 

Have a marvelous weekend! 

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