Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Review: The Pilgrim Adventure

We love history around here.

I think I’ve might have mentioned it a time or seven.

What I love most is when I can include great literature into our history lessons.

This past year, I was blessed to review great Science resource (which obviously has nothing to do with history).

The creator of Fantastic Unit Studies, Sue Kilbride, has also written an excellent historical fiction series called Our America Series for kiddos ages 10 and up.  

She was gracious enough to send me the first book in the series, The Pilgrim Adventure, to review.  

It sure wasn’t I expected.

For one…there is time travel involved.

Sign me up!

The series revolves around twins, Finn and Ginny. In The Pilgrim Adventure, the twins are living with their aunt and uncle. Their parents disappeared mysteriously and it was discovered that they went missing courtesy of the time machine the twin’s Uncle had invented.

The twins decide to find their parents and take off on a fantastic adventure.

They wind up aboard the Mayflower!

This isn’t the run of the mill historical fiction story. The author does a terrific job of painting a true and sometimes painful picture of our history. I think that we become so fixated on the picturesque scene of Native Americans and Pilgrims sharing a Thanksgiving feast that we forget the hardships these folks experienced.

The Pilgrim Adventure also tries to clear up some of those historical fallacies we’ve come to accept as truth (say it ain’t so, Squanto!).

The book itself is an easy read. I think it’s a nice length and moves along quickly.

I am not going to give too much away, but obviously Finn and Ginny don’t find their parents in Plymouth. The Our America Series moves along and we are treated to more adventures.

Sue has also provided a collection of FREE activities to accompany each of her books. And true to form…they are all engaging, hands-on experiences.

This collection of books are excellent additions to any American History study.  We look forward to continuing the adventure! 

Sue's website ( is a great resource for homeschoolers. Be sure to check out her other products. 

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