Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Night Asian

Happy Friday!

I'm presently curled up on my corner of the couch making plans.

Some of which include...

*cleaning house
*making valentines
*watching old Downton Abbey episodes
*contemplating the meaning of life

The Muffin and Josiah are off on a "Dad's Day Out." Which means I have some time to myself!

We will see what I get done today.

Also on my list for the day is preparing a fun Friday night menu.

Friday nights are generally a swim team practice night for Josiah Bevan, but he's been having some asthma issues lately so we might keep him home tonight. This also happens to be The Muffin's day off and I want to pamper him just a bit.

Which is why I'm fixing MY favorite kind of food.


Do you know how much I LOVE Asian food? I WUV it soooo much I could it eat several times a week.

For my meal tonight, I am fixing this Chicken Satay recipe on my grill pan AND a mess of Egg Foo Yung. You can find my recipe and tutorial here.  I have a few veggies screaming for attention in my crisper. And I know they are just screaming to be used in some yummy Egg Foo Yung.

So, my friends. Do you have any fun Friday night plans?

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