Friday, March 11, 2016

A 100 Calorie Challenge (#takeabiteoutof2016)

I am hesitant to even ask you this question.

How you doing with your New Year's Resolutions?

We're in March now. Have you thrown in the towel? Are you still trucking along?

Did you know that Weight Loss ranks as the #1 New Year's Resolution with Americans?

I know it's always at the top of my list every year. I've had some huge successes with weight loss, but have discovered it's a LIFELONG pursuit. Just be encouraged that you can do something everyday to help you reach your goal.

A few months ago, the Folks at Chobani came out with Simply 100 Crunch. I do enjoy a good yogurt and this one is made even more special by the added crunch.

My absolute favorite is the Strawberry Chocolate Truffle. It is Strawberry non-fat yogurt with a side of chocolate rice crisps, dark chocolate cookies and dried strawberries.


Best of all it is only 100 calories. If you are like me and crave a little decadence (without all the calories) the Simply 100 Crunch is a perfect solution.

Because I tend to have a little "sinking spell" in the afternoon, this treat is what gets me through till suppertime. I can enjoy a sweet, chocolaty crunchy treat without all the guilt!

I've talked to you a lot about how to increase your activity through the day. Because I am limited in what I can do as far as exercise (a pesky car accident back in the 90's), I am always looking for ways to add just a little something extra to my day-to-day activities.

For one, I try and park just a  little farther out when going to the grocery story. I also like to do simple and quick exercises with a resistance band while I am watching TV.

Chobani was kind enough to give us all some fantastic ways to burn 100 calories.

I can burn 100 calories by shopping 38 minutes? I think that is doable!!

What about you? What can you add to your day to burn 100 calories?

Don't forget to check out Chobani's terrific line of yummy products. In fact, I think I spied a printable coupon on the Simply 100 Crunch page.

A BIG Thank You to Choabni for inviting me to share this product!

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