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Healthy Living (5 Days of Tips For Homeschooling Parents)

This week I'm bringing to you a whole lot of tips and tricks. Homeschooling is a special life and we need all the encouragement we can get. I love when I get practical advice and so I am passing some on to you. Take what you can use and tuck the rest of it in a nice little file called "maybe doesn't apply to me." 

Is this you? 

I understand completely! 

Here is a truth bomb.

We all need to be just a little interested in living a healthier life. You might be someone who natural exudes health and wellness. Or you might be someone who needs to work a little harder at the whole “healthy vibe”.

If so…I feel your pain.

My journey to health has been a bit rocky. I can’t tell you how many bumps, valleys, roadblocks (you pick your metaphor) I have encountered.

However. I have had success. I have been able to change my life. Change my body.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s still a journey. Just this past year I gained weight back that I had previously lost. Something to do with a wonky hormone system and sluggish thyroid.

Anybody else deal with those kinds of issues?

Here is another truth bomb.

To be all we can be for our families we need to get a handle on things. I understand that it takes more effort when one is a homeschooling mama.

Life seems to rip and roar around us. It’s easy to just do the “easy” thing (which in my house could easily turn into Krispy Kreme).

My philosophy is just this.

Make small changes. It will change your life.

Don’t try and overhaul your lifestyle all at once. You will get overwhelmed and frustrated. It will just add to the crazy. And I should know.  

I am not going to share “everything I know” (which make take a post or two), but I do want to give you a few ways you can incorporate a healthy life with your homeschool family lifestyle.

1.       Start the day with water. Hydrate yourself. I also try and enjoy a warm cup of lemon tea. Your body needs all that lovely water.

2.       Plan your menu. Be prepared. Know what you are going to eat and when. You might need to take some extra time at the beginning of the week to prepare, but it will be worth it. You can even make it a family event. Put the littles to work washing veggies and filling storage baggies with snacks.  I think that sounds like a perfectly good Home Economics class to me.

3.       And speaking of your menu. It’s very tempting to get caught up in foods trends and fads. Do your research.  You can’t go wrong with eating real food. If there is something I want to make that requires a special ingredient I often check to see if there is something handier (and cheaper) I can substitute it with.

4.       Move. Park farther from the grocery store entrance. Take the stairs. You probably have heard this before, but mixing up your exercise works. If you HATE to exercise, experiment with different kinds of activity. Make exercise a family adventure. We do have a family membership to our local YMCA. Josiah and I also enjoy taking nature walks, playing Just Dance and I do some strength training using odds and ends of weights and rubber bands we’ve picked up at the Thrift Store.

I'm thinking we all need one of these! Looks like a good science project to me! Not sure what it does, but there has to be an adventure involved there somewhere! 

5.       Eat a healthy protein with every meal. I said “healthy”….somebody’s leftover corndog doesn’t count.

6.       Ever heard this one? Each breakfast like a King. Eat supper like a pauper. I’m not suggest you start serving porridge and a stale crust of bread for supper. Just don’t neglect that morning meal. You’ll pay for it later on.  Sometimes it’s tempting to rush through breakfast to get on with the day.  On days when we are home I like to make breakfast a special event. A fresh pot of tea, a batch of healthy muffins served on my pretty dishes.

7.       Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Let’s face it. There are some of you who are just not in that season of life. I’m here to reassure you. Sleep will eventually come. Some of us (I’m not looking in anyone’s direction) just need to go to bed earlier.  

8.       Don’t keep junk food in the house if you struggle with stress eating (speaking from experience). The family won’t suffer. Nobody is going to turn you in to DFS for neglecting to by Cheetos.

9.       If you diet needs a major overhaul….try making over one meal a week.  For example, focus on breakfast the first week. Try steel cut oats and blueberries. Or make a healthy omelet with sautéed veggies. The next week add a healthy snack. After a few weeks, you will be cruising!  

10.   Knock out the excuses. We all have them. I have major orthopedic issues. My hips alone could light up a Lite Bright.  I have had to find activity I can still do. Next time you catch yourself making an excuse say to yourself…”but I can do…” and fill in the blank with something you can do!

11.   If you need to eat out go somewhere you know you can get a healthy option. For example, I know that I can get a small chili at Wendy’s that won’t compromise my healthy eating goals. When going with the family I like to look on the menu ahead of time so I can see what choices I have. That way I have a plan and won’t be lured into ordering the fried chicken and mashed potatoes once I get there.  

12.   Start right now. Don’t wait for a perfect opportunity to be healthier. It will never come. Be purposeful!

You will be amazed how small changes in your life will make a difference. This needs to be a family affair. You will undoubtedly run into some resistance with the family. I suggest you start with yourself and gradually start making over favorite family dishes and desserts if need be. I do fix a decadent dessert or a loaf of homemade bread on occasion. It’s not like I am completely disregarding some of those comfort foods. They are just not part of our everyday diet.

Another little note. I could do a whole series of posts on frugal dieting. It can be challenging. But, it’s not impossible. Become a smart shopper and savvy food connoisseur. 

We can do this! 

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