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A TOS Review: George Washing Carver: From Slave to Scientist (YWAM Publishing)

Just down the highway from us (about 60 miles as the crow flies) is a wonderful little National Monument. It celebrates the renowned scientist and man of faith, George Washington Carver.

A few times a year, Josiah and I like to wander the beautiful hiking trails, putter about in the science lab and marvel at the dedication and determination of this Godly man. Recently, we had the chance to review George Washington Carver: From Slave to Scientist from YWAM Publishing.  The book is from YWAM’s Heroes of History series. We were excited to learn more of this amazing man's story. 

I not only received a physical copy of the book, but I received a Digital Download of the Unit Study Curriculum Guide that has TONS of supplemental material and ideas to accompany your study.
 George Washington Carver: From Slave to Scientist is a delightful read at about 200 pages long. It was written by Janet and Geoff Benge.

The very last quote of book is from George Washington Carver himself.

“Why I should be so singly honored is more than I can figure out. I have just endeavored to do my little bit in the world as fast and as thoroughly as the Great Creator of all things gave me light and strength.”

This just about sums up the tenor of his life and the book reflects that beautifully.

George Washington Carver was born into slavery in a small Southwest Missouri community (just minutes away from where my own father was born). His young life began in dramatic fashion.

George and his mother were kidnapped by bushwhackers and disappeared into the volatile and dangerous region. The small family’s owners, Moses and Susan Carver, gave a neighbor 40 acres of desirable timberland and a racehorse if he would go and search for George and his young mother.

Only George was found.

Chapter after chapter we read of George’s tenaciousness. His growing faith and his determined curiosity ordered his steps. He faced discrimination, yet continued to follow his passion.

Mr. Carver became a brilliant scientist, experimenting with peanuts and other crops that helped revitalized the southern agriculture economy. He was a gifted artist and a deeply devoted Christian.
This is a book that will inspire your children and yourself!

The Unit Study Curriculum Guide is a treasure! I’ve enjoyed everyone we’ve ever had the pleasure of using from YWAM. I love to mix fun and curiosity into our reading and these studies always give me tons of ideas to expand our studies.

The Unit Study contains ideas for the following activities.

1 . Key Quotes
2. Display Corner
3. Chapter Questions
4. Student Explorations
5. Community Links
6. Social Studies
7 . Related Themes to Explore
8. Culminating Event

There is also list of books and resources available in the guide, as well.

The suggestions for further study in the guide are AWESOME. The ones that drew us in were those that allowed us to wander around nature and explore.

We also followed Mr. Carver’s journey on a map and discussed his various passions and scientific studies and started growing a sweet potato.

This statue is located on the beautiful walking trail at the National Monument. It is called The Boy Carver Statue and was commissioned in 1960. We have walked by it several times and imagined this boy traipsing about the surrounding wilderness.

We started some seeds in tiny pots and looked up recipes for peanuts, soybeans and the sweet potato.
And, of course, we got to use our proximity to the George Washington Carver National Monument to further inspire us (they even sell peanut plant kits in the gift shop!)

This book is a keeper. I recommend it to all!

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