Saturday, May 7, 2016


Spring has sprung all over the Ozarks!

Of course, we can expect any kind of weather around here. A few years ago, we had snowflakes the first of May....and a tornado the next week.

Last Sunday was gawgeous! We needed some recent family pictures so I asked Mom if she would do the honors  after church while we still looked presentable.

My parents' farm is the perfect place for pictures and my mom is a excellent photographer.

When she was downloading our pictures on to her computer I saw a few pics from the farm I knew I needed to share.

They made me feel "all springy" inside.

Turkey shooters unite! Apparently, it's the season. We even had a few young men from church gone yesterday on a turkey shoot. Their grandma eloquently put it this way. "Turkeys shooting Turkeys." I didn't say it. They are nice young men. I can't speak for the turkeys.

I don't know what kind of flowers these are. My flower identification superpowers are weak at best. We will just all them pretty white flowers.

Now this is a peony. I LOVE peonies. They are just plain loverly. My dad is the flower whisperer. Along with the vegetable patch whisperer and the chicken whisperer. He also has some purple and pink ones that will bloom in just a few weeks. They were the stars of the show at my Niece's Graduation Tea last year. Along with the chicken salad.

When I said my Dad is the chicken whisperer...I'm not kidding. At this moment, he has a cage of Big Chickens, another cage of Little Big Chickens and yet another cage of  Little Little Chickens. I'm not sure if he has any in the incubator right now or not. The Little Little Chickens are still in the basement under the lights. They aren't ready for Prime Time yet. These Chickens (Little Big) recently graduated to a cage in the Big Yard. He makes all the cages movable. Every week or so the cage gets moved to another part of the yard.

The Little Big Chickens are kind of at that awkward, unattractive stage.

I feel your pain, girlfriend.

Now here is a Big Chicken. A rooster to be exact. I think he's giving me "stank-eye."

This rooster (who has a name, but I can't remember it...chunkles, fuzzy...I'm not sure) has the reputation of being the ornery one.

I'm not so sure. This checkered chicken (aptly named Checkers) is giving me a 'tude.

This is an Australian Shepard named Amy. She is friendly, smart and has a cute smattering of freckles across her snout. She is the queen of her castle. The Rottweiler (Solomon) knows it!

Such loveliness!

My sweet little family. I am not that short. I am sitting a short stool. But then again...I am almost short. Shorter. At least, shorter than either of my boys.  Aren't my boys handsome?

Ah. Spring. What are you most excited about this spring?

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