Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A TOS Review: Forbrain

The brain is a fascinating study. Since discovering Josiah (who is 14) is dyslexic (and a few other “d” words), I have been open to trying more things to just give him an upper hand. I find the whole science and research around the brain fascinating.

Recently, we had the chance to review something unlike anything I had ever come across before. It is a bone conduction headset by Forbrain – Sound for Life Ltd. Forbrain isn’t a curriculum, supplement or therapy. In fact, you can use it right along with all those things you child is studying.

So I know I’ve sparked your curiosity. What is this Forbrain? As I mentioned before, it is a bone conduction headset. It stimulates the brain through the sound of your own voice. You can read more about how it works here.

Forbrain helps improve:


How it Works and What I Thought

It is recommended that you use the device every day for 6-10 weeks. How long you use it depends on your age. For children under, it should be used for 10 minutes a day. If your child is 5-15, it should be used for 15 minutes every day. If you are a teenager or an adult you can use Forbrain 20-30 minutes every day.

The device fits around your ears. It doesn’t fit like headphones. We made that mistake when we first tried it out. It is easy to turn on. It does take about 3 hours of charging time before you use it the first time.  There is also a volume control, but it is already set to the best level. If your child has poor hearing or is extremely sensitive to sound you can adjust it accordingly.

My main goal was for Josiah to use Forbrain while he reads aloud.  Like many kids with dyslexia, he isn’t confident while reading aloud. He struggles with reading fluency and with expression.  Another benefit in using Forbrain that interested me was Josiah’s focus and attention. He has difficulty staying on task if there are distractions around him.

Every week, Josiah is assigned silent reading, as well as oral reading. He tends to mumble under his breath while reading out loud or use one of his favorite impressions (which is currently Dáin II Ironfoot from The Battle of the Five Armies).  I let him chose from a variety of books for his read aloud assignments. These were the books he used while trying out the Forbrain.

When he first started using it he still mumbled under his breath. Now his volume has increased and I can see some new confidence building in him. I can also see some focus building, as well.

It is still too early, I believe, to see significant changes in his fluency, but I am certainly seeing improvement.

I, too, have tried out the Forbrain. Have you ever noticed that you sound different when listening to yourself in a video, etc.? It’s almost as if you can’t recognize your own voice. Let’s just say that I sound like a hick! I didn’t realize my hillbilly drawl was as pronounced as it is.

This is certainly a product I am going to continue to use. Forbrain does suggested that you take a little break after the initial 10-weeks are over before starting back up again.  

Forbrain is one of the easiest to use and interesting products I have ever had the privlege to review. I'm excited to see Josiah's progress continue. 

You can read more reviews by clicking the banner below. 

Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd Review

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