Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A TOS Review: Spiritual Circle Journal for Kids & Teens

Having a time set aside daily for prayer and contemplation is important. I think it’s one of those habits that can be introduced at a young age.

Recently, we had the chance to review the Spiritual Circle Journal for Kids & Teens. This unique journal was created by Liz Lassa from the Spiritual Circle Journal.

What I Received

I received the Spiritual Circle Journal for Kids & Teens. It is 94 pages long; 65 of those pages are journaling pages. There are 16 summary pages at the back of the journal that can be used recording Scripture, etc. The journal itself is spiral bound with a sturdy front and back plastic cover.

What makes this journal unique is it guides the user through a meaningful prayer life and devotion time using bullet points (circles). It helps those who might have difficulty paying attention or knowing what to prayer for stay on task and develop good solid habits.

This particular journal is intended for ages and up. However, it can be used with younger children with help from you via dictation. The journal pages are sturdy enough to be used for special scrapbook and art projects. Painting, pasting and coloring are all encouraged.

The journal pages are different from anything you’ve ever used before. There are 9 different spaces to help your child journal.

These spaces (or open graphics) each are intended for a specific use.

This is a sample pic from the website. Isn't it cute?

JOURNAL ENTRY (JE) – cloud shaped: Asks, what are you thinking about today? Anything making you excited, stressed, happy, or sad?

CONFESSION (C) – heart shaped: Anything you should say sorry for? Ask God for forgiveness.

PRAYER (P) – backpack or satchel shaped: Need help or guidance with something? Anything bothering you? Ask God to help you.

LYRIC/VERSE (L/V) – musical note shaped: Has a line of a song or Bible verse caught your attention?

GOD MOVING (GM) – car shaped: Have you noticed God doing something in your life? "Coincidences" or "it just so happened" moments? Dots connecting? Things you didn't make happen?

THANK YOU/ADORATION (TY/A) – note shaped: What can you praise or thank God for? Tell Him about it.

MESSAGE (M) – book (Bible) shaped: What is the most important thing you learned from your devotional, Bible reading, Sunday school class, or sermon/mass? Any words, verses, phrases or themes repeated lately?

LESSON LEARNED LIGHT BULB MOMENT (LL/LBM) – light bulb shaped: Have you learned a life lesson lately or had a "light-bulb" moment? If you could do something over, what would you do differently or the same?

ACTIONS (A) – shoe shaped: Anything God wants you to do for others? Something He wants to work on within you? Take action!

There is an encouraging teacher/parent guide included in the journal, as well. Basically, we are given hints and tips on how to use the journal, plus some extra inspiration to when it comes to the matter of spending time with God.

My Thoughts

This is such a thoughtful and well-conceived product. We are in the habit of making a daily prayer journal, but this goes much further. For one, it is used only once a week. For my ADHD/Dyslexic boy there aren’t so many empty lines and pages for him to contemplate.

We are in the middle of a big move and Josiah has struggled some. I think having an outlet for his worries and concerns has been so beneficial to him. We’ve also been able to search out God’s Scriptures about God’s plan for us and how He always is with us. I can see the Spiritual Circle Journal being such a blessing in the next days and months. 

There is also  Spiritual Circle Journal for adults! Check them both out. 

You can connect with Spiritual Circle Journal via the following social media sites. Don't forget to click the banner below for more reviews.

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Twitter:  @liz_lassa

Spiritual Circle Journal

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