Tuesday, October 4, 2016

That Time I Lost My Skirt in Church

This post was meant to go a different direction.

Sunday we celebrated The Muffin’s installation into our new little church.

It was a beautiful service.

I cried.

And did a little more crying.

If you know our story, you might know we’ve been through a few things.

Our Indiana District Superintendent is Troy’s home pastor. Pastor Gifford played such an instrumental part of Troy becoming a minister. It was only fitting that he was here to install Troy into his new assignment.

I received a lovely reminder to be in continual prayer for my husband, son and church. I also got a gift card from Bath and Body Works and Starbucks.


By the end of the service, I was just spent. My make-up had long since wiped away. I was weary from our move, leaving my beloved Ozarks and family. I was bloated from sleepless nights and a few unfortunate runs to Taco Bell.

I just looked a mess. 

But, the occasion called for a few memories so we all gathered at the front for pictures. A good portion of The Muffin’s family was in attendance. 

We took turns taking pictures with this group and that group.

It was what happened at the beginning of that picture taking session that will forever etched into the annals of my personal history.  When I think back to the chronicles of my life…this one event just about sums up the how I live my life. I strive for sophistication, elegance and refinement.


I lost my skirt.

All I know is that I suddenly felt a whiff of breeze.

Before I could yell, “Everybody cover their eyes!” my skirt was around my gold, shiny shoes.

Oh, yes it was.

Troy told me later that he never knew I could move that fast.

During the rest of the picture taking session, I was literally giggling so hard I could keep my composure.

 This isn’t the first time I lost my britches. There was that time when I was in college.

It was after my car accident. I wasn’t walking really well. I was getting out of my car and my pants fell down.

In front of a busy highway.

I couldn’t bend down so I had to fall back into my car to pull them back up.

I also was laughing so hard that it took me a number of tries to get my act together…or in this case my pants up. 

Fast forward to this past Sunday. You can see via the evidence below that at this point (towards the end of our picture taking session), I was looking a bit shifty. I had put Josiah in front of me just in case my skirt was planning on taking another trip south. See those smiling, laughing, beautiful people around me? They are just thanking Jesus that they had all kept THEIR skirts on. 

Next time. I'm wearing britches. With a belt. 

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