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Dear Homeschool Momma (5 Days of Back to Homeschool)

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Dear Homeschool Momma,

I’m probably the last person you need to take advice from. There is a half-eaten jar of peanut butter on my coffee table. It is possible that was supper. My son is terribly behind in math (depending on the day) and my laundry fairy quit on me at least 10 years ago. Let’s just say I haven’t seen the bottom of the laundry hamper in a very long time.

I have had those seasons when I have felt burnt to a frazzle. I have felt inadequate and unprepared. And at a loss of what to do next.

The only thing on my side, really, is that 10 years after we made that decision to bring our son home from public school we are still standing. Or lounging…depending on the day or subject matter.

I don’t have all of the answers, but I do have some lessons learned along the way. I think I have been as much a student as my son. So for better or for worse, I want to share some of that wisdom. It’s probably nothing you haven’t read about in my blog before. I tend to be a broken record.

First of all, get some sleep. Do whatever it takes. Go to bed earlier. Get up later. Nap with the kids.  Life will look more sparkly. 

Be sure you are eating good, colorful foods. And, no, I don’t mean Cheetos. Your body needs all of those good nutrients. You are not only providing a nurturing home for your munchkins, you are educating them as well. Sugar and coffee will only get you so far.

Be kind to everyone. You won’t have any regrets.

Take every opportunity to enjoy the small things. Those dandelions will only occupy that juice glass on your table for so many years. Don’t be afraid to make messes and play with your kids. Embrace the world of discovery and newness through the eyes of your kids.

Give yourself a break. I mean really. Nobody said you had to do it all today. Fix that cup of hot tea and go put your feet up. If you are worried about the crunched up Cheerios all over your dining room floor, hand somebody a broom. They are never too young to learn.

Don’t be neglect your own education. Take joy in learning right along with your kids.  When you need advice, talk to mommas who have been where you are. The Bible says there is wisdom in the multitude of counselors. Listen to podcasts.  Attend lectures. Read good books and articles.

Cultivate the love of beautiful things in your home. Notice I didn’t say “expensive” things…just beautiful things. Beautiful art, lovely music, good food, laughter and love.

Before your feet hit the floor in the morning, commit your day to the Father. Give Him place in your plans. Make Him the priority in everything you do.

That’s the  very best advice I can give….

Thank you for popping over this week. My friends on the Homeschool Review Crew have all written notes of encouragement. I know you'll be blessed. 

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  1. lovely post Rebekah, glad I stopped by. :) I need to cut myself a break more often!


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