Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Creation Illustrated (A Homeschool Review Crew Post)

I have to say that I enjoy a good unit study. In fact, it is probably my most favorite method of teaching anything. I blame the former kindergarten teacher in me.

Creation Illustrated recently sent two Nature unit studies for us to review. I received the unit study on SNOW, but given our oversaturation of SNOW this winter I was ready to focus on the study on PINE TREES.

Both products are intended for kiddos in grades 5-8. They came in the form of a digital product and expand on articles found in Creation Illustrated.

Before I talk about the unit study, I want to talk a little about the Creation Illustrated magazine. I was unfamiliar with the publication…but what a gorgeous little magazine!

Readers have referred to it as "The Christian answer to National Geographic!” It is entering its 25th year of publishing and uses Christ’s method of teaching through the things He made.  

The magazine intent is to find how creation is illustrated “in Nature, “in Scripture,” and “in living.” I found it to be a wonderful balance of each. I also think it is especially friendly for homeschoolers.

Right now you can subscribe to Creation Illustrated quarterly, but the digital editions will be available soon. It is great for all ages!  

For my review I recieved access to the Winter '18 Digital Edition  and the Fall '17 Digital Edition

Back to the unit studies. As I mentioned, both the studies I received correspond with an article found in the Creation Illustrated Magazine. I was also thrilled to see a whole page of extra links included so that we could enjoy a variety of multi-media experiences.

I am now obsessed with a tree named Methuselah. Like his namesake, Methuselah’s claim to fame is the length of his years. He happens to be a Great Basin Bristlecone Pine located in California. And he happens to be over 4,000 years old.

So very cool.

Along with the extra spiffy links, the unit study contains a variety of activities. For example, there is a list of vocabulary words AND spelling words.

A section I was especially excited to see was the Bible Study on Pine Trees.  In addition, there is a great geography activity and even Pine Tree math!

I grew up in the Ozark mountains.  When I was younger we lived in the woods of North Central Arkansas. Tall pine trees surrounded our little woodsy farm.  I now know the majority of those were short-leaf pine trees.

Of course, a good nature unit study isn't worth its salt unless there is a writing AND art project included. And don't despair....the study also includes a answer key for parents. 

Josiah and I had a good time with this study!

I can’t recommend these products enough. They are thoroughly researched and produced. They are perfect for extra work or those times when you just need a break from the usual hustle and bustle. And there is something extra special about exploring God’s beautiful creation!

Here are a few more things you might want to know. Right now you can access print subscriptions, back issues, products, and FREEbies (including another Sample Digital Back Issue, a Sample Unit Study on Fragrance, a character-building lesson, and more) at: http://www.creationillustrated.com.

The Spring issue of Creation Illustrated magazine is now available. Subscriptions to the Ad-free quarterly PRINT editions of Creation Illustrated are for 1 year and available for 25% off at:
The Creation Unit Studies are available to download at 30% Off at:  https://dv157.infusionsoft.com/app/storeFront/showCategoryPage?categoryId=6

You can connect with Creation Illustrated via the following social media outlets. Don’t forget to click on banner below for more reviews.

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