Monday, April 23, 2018

Finding Hope in Your Journey (5 Days of Homeschooling for the Weary Momma)

Welcome to my 5 days of Homeschooling for the Weary Momma!

This morning I opened my planner. 

And about passed out. 

Could my life get any busier right now? 

Frankly, I just need a week or two holed up in my bed with some hot tea and Netflix. 

Now that I think about it, a week or two in bed might do me good. 

And then there is this whole homeschooling thing. It can be overwhelming to be responsible for the education of our progeny. 

My progeny happens to be 16 and growing a wispy beard. He wore a dirty t-shirt to church this morning. If I were more on my game, I would do something about that. I am also fairly certain that he hasn't completed his history assignments in two weeks. 

Tomorrow, my husband (who I fondly refer to as The Studly Muffin) and I have to go out of town for a class we are taking especially for ministers. Did I mention we are pastors? Then there are the doctors appointments, dentist appointments, church commitments and these people in my house think they need to eat. 

And then there is this. 

I don't feel good. For nearly the entirety of my adult life I have been struggling with a life-threatening chronic illness. And I have been living with orthopedic limitations because of a debilitating car accident I suffered in my early 20's. 

I've been doing this for a long time.

There are some seasons of life that have been easier. I've been healthier. I've had a better grasp on my life. I haven't been in the middle of a crisis. 

Now is not one of those seasons. 

You understand. Some of you have a similar health story. Some of you are dealing with a devastating crisis or event.  Some of you are experiencing a season of life that is just plain overwhelming. Maybe you are starting your homeschooling journey and are just plain scared. 

I get it. No matter what the reason, I am here to tell you that you have people who love you. We are cheering for you. 

So first things first.

Remember how I told  you that I've been doing this a long time? I want to encourage you in what I've learned. And trust me, I am going to be taking my own advice this week. 

For one, I am going to point you to some ladies who have meant a great deal to me in my own personal life. I am going to share some of their words. 

Last week, I got caught up with my friend Julie's blog. I have known Julie since we were both 20. That's been a few years. I am not sharing anything shocking, but I happen to be one day older than Julie and we both turned 46 back in March. 

Julie and I have had eerily similar journeys. Her health battles have been different and she doesn't homeschool her teenage boys, but she is also a minister's wife and has used her own experiences to reach out to women all over the world. 

On her blog this week she talked about HOPE. And isn't that we all need? His HOPE? 

Your assignment for the day is to go read this post on her blog.  It is appropriately titled "Infused with Hope." 

Go read it!  It gave me HOPE! And I was encouraged to praise Him...despite how my body feels. Despite my busy, crazy week. Despite all the things I have scribbled into my planner. 

For now, my friends....find your rest in the Savior. We can't do this without Him! 

Tomorrow I want to talk to all of us about self-care! 

I am joining with my friends at the Homeschool Review Crew. I encourage you to sit down with a cup of something hot and be encouraged with all the wisdom and advice they have to offer.


  1. I am so glad we have Jesus to rest in when life seems so overwhelming. He is good and gracious and will carry our load.

  2. oh... that's so true you know? Hope... it gives us a purpose AND a rest. :)


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