Thursday, April 12, 2018

Princess Cut (A Homeschool Review Crew Post)

We are certainly a movie-watching, movie-loving family.  Recently, we had the chance to spend a nice evening hunkered down together (complete with popcorn) with the movie Princess Cut from Watchman Pictures.

Princess Cut The Movie

About the movie

Princess Cut is set in a small farm town in the Carolinas. Our protagonist, Grace Anderson, is a beauty with big dreams. She comes from a tight-knight farm family and working towards a degree in interior design. When the movie begins, we see Grace preparing for a big date with her boyfriend, Stewart. Grace is certain that after 15-months of dating Stewart he is about to propose.

I don’t want to give anything away, but it could just be the most humiliating night of Grace’s life.  

She soon starts seeing a young man named Jared and starts, once again, to navigate the choppy and uncertain waters of dating. We are also introduced to the steady neighbor, who also happens to be a doctor.

How does a young Christian woman find true love? Will Grace find the one God has for her?

My Thoughts

You first need to know that our family unit consists of myself, My Studly Muffin (of a husband), our 16-year-old son, Josiah and Princess, the Siamese Cat.

I need to tell you that Princess the Cat was ambivalent about the subject matter and, for that matter, the movie. She was more concerned with dozing on a lap.

The Studly Muffin is the true romantic. He would rather watch a romantic comedy than about anything….except for a good ballgame.  The Boy has no experience with dating and I am more than anxious for him to have some good influences and role models in his life.

Princess Cut was a sweet movie. It is certainly not star-studded feature…though little brother, Drew stole the show. There was a hilarious story line of Drew putting an ad in the paper, advertising his sister. Now that was funny.

In truth, Grace kind of irritated me in the beginning. This could be because I was atypical teenage girl. Thankfully, I was self-possessed enough to have certain ideas about relationships. However, I can see “Grace” in the majority of young women around me.

I always felt that I could never and should never depend on a man or another human being to fill that God-shaped hole in my life. A husband or boyfriend CANNOT meet the needs in your life.

I think Grace finally got there, but it took following some wisdom her parents laid down for her.

I think many will find the movie old-fashioned and conservative. I honestly don’t have an issue with this. I do believe it is necessary to have many conversations with the young men and women in your life on the matters of marriage, life and love.

The rest of the family enjoyed the movie as a whole.  It is also something I would consider showing to a group of young people at church.

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