Thursday, April 26, 2018

Rest is Not a Dirty World (5 Days of Homeschooling for the Weary Momma)

Welcome back to my 5 Days of Homeschooling for the Weary Mom.

So on the first two days I talked mostly about stuff just for you. How you need to keep hope alive and I shared with you an awesome post written by my friend, Julie. I also talked about taking care of YOU and told you about the routine I have at the end of those really hard days.

You might notice that this blog hop is called 5 DAYS of Homeschooling..... For the first time in my doing this bi-annual blogs, I am not going to blog all 5 days.

I really did have a nice, little practical post all lined out for you. It listed a few of my favorite "school-type" things to do when I was run down or worn out.

And I do really need to finish it...but it won't be today.

I have had a week filled with Physical Therapy appointments, dentist visits, ministry meetings and some sort of stomach bug.

This morning Josiah took a live computer coding class and I stayed in my nightgown.

My stomach still feels like I have Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers doing a little dance inside. There is an extra refrigerator in my kitchen (long story) and I am pretty sure I am down to my last clean pair of underwear.

And I am tired. So very tired.

So today I am putting myself in timeout. I am only doing the things that are absolutely essential. For example, I took my meds. I petted my cat. I greeted my son with my usual "Good Morning, Sunshine" and told him to help himself to some white bread and creamy peanut butter.

There are some things I am willing to die on a hill for.

White bread, wearing appropriate clothing in the middle of the afternoon and answering my phone today are not those things.

Sometimes we just need to stop. We have to say "no" and take a day or a week and do something different than what we have been doing.

I personally think the idea of "rest" is horribly neglected in our culture. We feel guilty for a morning spent with a cup of coffee and a puzzle.

My goal is to build a time of rest into my week. It's a work in progress.

My post today is not intended to list all the benefits of rest on the human body or the mind. You are grown people. You know that your body is telling you that you have been burning the candle at both ends. You know that you are exhausted emotionally and that you are snapping at the people in your life far too often.

It's time to take back your time by releasing some of it to rest.

So, my dear friends, are you taking your rest? Are you carving out a time during your week that you are structuring your family life so that those same family members can do the same?

I'm joining my friends all this week. Take a bit of time and sit down with a cup of coffee! Be encouraged!

Coming Soon ... 2018 Annual Spring Blog Hop

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