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Bible Study Guide for All Ages (A Homeschool Review Crew Post)

I’m always looking for Bible study resources we can add to our little library or Bible Study “toolbox.” A few years ago (more like 5), we had the chance to review the Advance Student Pages from Bible Study Guide For All Ages. Well, the chance to review from Bible Study Guide For All Ages once again…and, once again, we received the Advance Student Pages for review.

For my review, I received Advanced Student Pages, the Advanced Teacher Key, and the Bible Book Summary Cards.

There are products available for just about everybody from ages 3-Adult. I chose the Advance Student Pages because they were the highest grade available for this review run. My teenage son used them when he was much younger, but they are consumable and I also wanted to see if they would be a good fit for a Bible Study group for kids at church. We pastor a small church and I am always looking for resources I can pass along to our teachers and parents.

Let’s talk about the Bible Book Summary Cards first. I have (in my possession) the larger set that is 8.5”x 11”. The set of cards I received this time are smaller in size…. 4.5" x 6" cards. There is also an Extra Large set (11" x 14") for use with bigger groups. All sets are in full color and teach all 66 books of the Bible.

The front of the cards displays a colorful cartoon to help provide a clue for what Bible Book it is representing.

The back of the card gives the name of the Book, a description, and features questions to ask.

The cards are super sturdy and I have found them to be an EXCELLENT way to teach the books of the Bible. We are visual learners around here and appreciate the help!

While I already had the larger cards, I really love the smaller cards more than I thought I would. For us homeschoolers with limited space…these are a life saver. They can be carried around to review, as needed.

The Advance Student Pages are recommended for grades 5-6.  We received Lesson Book 1-26. This book covers one quarter. The program is 4 units long. This is intended to take you a year if you do a few lessons weekly. 

You will need a Bible to work through the pages. While this age should be able to do a lot of the work themselves, I enjoy spending time studying the Bible with my son. The whole curriculum makes for a nice family study.

The pages are BIG and AWESOME.  Unit 1 goes starts at Genesis 35 and ends with Luke 2.
Each lesson is divided into sections.

Remember It! – a review

Memory Workout – memory work

Guess What?... – a little history and vocabulary

Maps and/or Timelines – There are small maps and timelines within the lessons, but there are also HUGE maps and timelines available to hang on the wall. We won’t have the wall space so we stuck with what was in our lesson book.

Get Active – Helps the student get practically involved in the lesson itself. For example, some lessons give the student ideas about who to pray for, etc.

Apply It! – Helps the student learn how to practically apply the lesson to his or her own life.

Discover The Bible – Hands-on activities that require a little thought and study.

The teacher’s book had all the answers and some helpful notes. It is suggested that if you have a group you are working with that you most certainly have a teacher’s book. I agree!

This is such a great product! I recommend it to any group or homeschool parent who wants to study the Bible.

It's a keeper! 

Member of the Homeschool Review crew reviewed these products and the other levels of Student Pages. Click on the banner below to read more reviews. 

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