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Code for Teens (A Homeschool Review Crew Post)

If you've kept up with the last few posts I've made you know that I'm in the final hunt for materials and curriculum for Josiah's Junior Year of High School (no way!). I've made a couple of really neat selections and I think I have found another one. I mentioned a few months ago that he had become interesting in Coding. Frankly, I was initially suprised. I figured that if it didn't have a video game remote attached to the end of it....Some of you know exactly what I mean. 😁 So when I was given the chance to review Code for Teens: The Awesome Beginner's Guide to Programming (Volume 1) from Code for Teens, I knew I was on the right track.

A real-life homeschooling dad, Jeremy Mortiz, wrote Code for Teens. He feels our pain. Not only has he created an excellent guide to Coding, but he has done so with the understanding that the average momma and dad might not have a CLUE about what all of this is (raises both hands high). He writes to our kids. I don't even have to know about Java Script, Arrays and Functions. And he's entertaining.

Code for Teens contains 10 Chapters.

Chapter 1: Hello World!
Chapter 2: Time to Operate
Chapter 3: Comment on the String Section
Chapter 4: Have Some Functions
Chapter 5: Shall I Compare
Chapter 6: Logically Operational
Chapter 7: Projects Galore
Chapter 8: Hip Hip Array
Chapter 9: Loop a Round
Chapter 10: Make a Hangman Game

The book also contains an introduction and a Word to Parents. In addition, you will find  a Conclusion, Answers to quiz and drill questions, and Glossary of Terms.

This book teaches Java Script. It walks the student through the language step by step. There is plenty practice and we found the book to be super gentle in its approach. Nothing scary to see here! I appreciated the humor.

Obviously, the name (Code for Teens) tells us who the intended audience of this book is for. However, I really believe that this could just be as helpful for some us (not so) older folks to learn something new.

Let me show you a bit of Josiah's work.

The requirement for this course is that you use Google Chrome. This wasn't a problem for us. Google Chrome also works better with my blog and is my preferred browser. We also created a "workbook" document in Google Docs for Josiah. However, you can use Microsoft Word or some other program like it. This helps Josiah keep track of all his quizzes, drills and assignments.

This first screenshot isn't from Josiah's Workbook. It is actually from the very first lesson.

This shot is from his Chapter 1 Quiz. You will pleased to know that the answers in the back of the book are a LIFESAVER! He was encouraged to try and answer all of the questions without looking in the back of the book, but I seriously think that just knowning they were there helped take some of the pressure of....it made it more fun. 

This last picture is the (DIY) assignment that he completed in the JavaScript Console then copied it to his Workbook. It finds the average age of all the members of your family. I don't think it's very fair that I was almost 30 and my husband was almost 40 before Josiah made his entrance. It makes all of us look very old. Our average age (though you might not be able to see it) is 39.33333333. Yipppeee! 

So. Code for Teens is going into our Fall Semester Schedule.  There has already been some of the lessons completed, but it's not going to hurt anybody to do them over again. I am really excited about this one and so is Josiah! 

Code for Teens has another Volume (2) on the way that teaches HTML and CCS. We NEED THIS BOOK! I'm not sure about the details, but I'll be watching for it! 

You can check out a the Introduction and the entire first chapter for FREE on the Code for Teens site.

I do want to mention one thing before I leave you. This book is really a nice one. The pages are glossy and laid out beautifully. It was illustrated by Jeremy's wife, Christine. This is the very first book she has ever illustrated and she did a lovely job. The illustrations are cute and clever. 

This one is defintely a keeper! 

You can connect with Code for Teens via the following social media outlets. Don't forget to click on the banner below to read more reviews.

Code For Teens: The Awesome Beginner's Guide to Programming {Code for Teens Reviews}
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