Thursday, November 15, 2018

Guitar 360 Method (A Homeschool Review Crew Post)

My friends. The time is near. We are heading towards the end of our Review Crew run this year. 

Which means, shortly, we will be taking a good long break. In the meantime, I want to share with you with a good one. We got to review guitar lessons! This is really one of the best jobs evah. We got to try out the Semester 1 Bundle from Guitar 360 Method. This included 5 weeks of the Absolute Beginner bonus content). 

The Guitar 360 Method is an online course developed and taught by Krisz Simonfalvi. Mr. Simonfalvi has ooodles of experience playing professionally. He also has mentored and taught students all over North America and Europe from ages 4-74. 

I will talk more about his approach in just a minute. For now, you have to know that we have access to plenty of guitars in our house. The Muffin has a new Taylor and an old Martin. Josiah has ownership of an old honkytonk guitar that used to belong to my grandfather. But other than an impressive air guitar game, Josiah's guitar playing experience has been limited. 

We have been talking about music lessons for some time (with someone other than The Muffin), but things just haven't come together.  We all have a variety of musical experiences and education. Plus, some challenges. We pastor a small church and we don't have all "kinds of time." 

So back to Guitar 360 Method. This method is for beginners and those who know a bit more but want to expand their knowledge. This approach is a wonderful mix between learning to play the guitar for fun and learning music theory. 

The cool part is that the Absolute Beginner Course is FREE! Can't get any better than that! Semester 1 (which I was given access to) is for the "motivated beginner." I would suggest starting off with the Absolute Beginner Course and going from there. I think you will find Mr. Simonfalvi's methods refreshing.

The whole thing is taught by cyclical pedagogy. Basically, this means that the student is taught building blocks and those things are frequently being "cycled" back to in the lessons. I really could have used this approach when I learned to play the piano. There is just great freedom in that method of instruction. 

How We Used It
Josiah was so excited to start this course. Krisz Simonfalvi is a pretty cool teacher. He is most certainly teenager approved. However, I think it was a bit harder than he thought. His honkytonk guitar hasn't seen a lot of action for quite a number of years, but I imagine Josiah thought it would just magically start singing under his fingers. 
The lessons were (and are) exactly the pace he needed. The Absolute Beginner Course starts on basic things like finger placement, strumming, and picking. 

He's not quite through the Absolute Beginner Course yet, but I've had the opportunity to look through Semester 1.  I am really impressed. The content is excellent. The videos are well-produced and easy to navigate. And I love, love that we can watch them as often as we can. 

So here is where I get to the nitty gritty (along with a little pep talk). In our house, we have varying degrees of musical background and education. I have piano training, more vocal training and with that comes quite a bit of theory. However, playing the guitar is a different experience. My husband (aka The Muffin) has only had one guitar lesson in his life but has had years and years of "on the job" playing experience. He wishes he had more music theory in his life and a bit more barre chord know-how. 
And then there is Josiah. Who absolutely kills it on Guitar Hero. 
A program like Guitar 360 Method is a fit for all of us. It provides the hands-on visual practice we need. We can take our time. We aren't tied to a timetable. It provides excellent music education that gives us musical freedom AND a foundation for great technique. 
There is really SO MUCH GOOD STUFF here. The content is impressive.  
Right now is a great time to dive in. There is currently a discount on  Guitar 360 Method for homeschool families. Use the code HOMESCHOOL20 at checkout for 20% off the course.
You can connect with Guitar 360 Method via the following social media outlets. Don't forget to click on the banner below to read more reviews. 

Guitar Lessons with Krisz Simonfalvi {Guitar 360 Method Reviews}
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