Thursday, February 7, 2019

My Favorite Homeschool Podcasts and More

It's true. Sometimes I need a little bit of encouragement. Or ideas.

Lately, I've been into watching these young chickees on youtube cleaning their houses to cool, hipster music.

While I am going to be posting a few more videos to my blog in the near future, you will most likely never see a cleaning video from me.

Nobody wants to see that.

But isn't it ironic that I get some sort of sense of accomplishment out of watching someone clean her house?

I personally love listening to people talk about their experiences and their lives. Especially when there is a nugget I can connect to.

Let's be honest. As a homeschool parent, I need all the positive encouragement and love I can get. Sometimes the real world doesn't understand us. It is so important to have people in your life that are on your side and those who can mentor you through your journey. We always can't have them living next door to us, but the interwebs have made it possible for a whole host of lovely people to visit us every day.

I know that you are anxious to read down the list and see what little gems I have found for you.


Homeschool Sanity
I have been receiving Dr. Melanie Wilson's emails for years. She is not only a homeschool mom, but she is a Christian psychologist. Dr. Melanie knows some stuff. I really enjoyed this podcast about How To Be Consistent in Homeschooling.

Homeschool Solutions
Pam Barnhill is the creator of the Morning Basket (which was a brilliant addition to our homeschool). She has lots of content. This podcast called How You Are the Enemy of Your Best Morning (just over 8 minutes in length) kicked me in the hiney recently.

The Homeschool Sisters 
Cait and Kara are both homeschoolers and (obviously) sisters. Both gals are interesting in themselves and they chat about a variety of topics. I found this podcast on Gameschooling to be right up our alley. They speak my language.

Read Aloud Revival

You probably have heard of the Read Aloud Revival with Sarah Mackenzie. For one, she has awesome booklists. But her podcasts talk about books and she talks to the authors of those books. This podcast about what your kids can do while you are reading aloud and is AWESOME. I have used the read aloud as a primary tool in our homeschool from the beginning and love this list. One day I'll have to do a blog post about what I have used with Josiah over the years.

Did you know that IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing) has a podcast? YAASS!! If you have followed any of my homeschool blogs you might know that I ADORE Andrew Pudewa. I have heard him speak many times and have used IEW products all through our homeschool career. This is a great podcast about Beating Burnout.  It gave me some insight into pushing through a tough time.

Sally Clarkson
A few years ago I was one of many bloggers who promoted one of Sally's books. It was called The Lifegiving Home. Sally wrote it with her daughter Sarah. The Clarkson's homeschooled all of their children and give me hope. All of their kids are such interesting people. The family so warm and connected with their mission to show Jesus Christ. I love Sally's podcast. This encouraging podcast, called Waiting For Life to Bloom came right when I needed it too.

Flourish at Home
This is another author whose book I have reviewed. Mary Jo Tate is the author of Flourish: Balance for Homeschool Moms. She also has a podcast.

Did you know that there is a whole podcast station dedicated to homeschoolers? It is called the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Show. You really need to go take a look.

Youtubers and Videos

I haven't listed as many of these. There are many families who homeschool on youtube. These are just my favs and ones who offer a variety of content. We can't talk about homeschooling all the time.

The Daily Connoisseur 
Full disclosure. I have all of Jennifer L.Scott's books. I have had them for a long time. Initially, she wasn't a homeschooler. Even when I discovered she had a youtube channel. But she liked all the things. Classical music. Hot Tea. Mystery Books. She is just plain classy. Now Jennifer has joined us homeschoolers and while she doesn't have videos about homeschooling necessarily....she is still classy and has all kinds of great content. Right now she has a "Chic February Assignment." Which I'm all about.

Our Tribe of Many
This family is precious. And HUGE. But they are also pastors and aren't ashamed to share their love for Jesus. She is super organized and just terrific.

This Gathered Nest
Another big ole family. Their kiddos are adorbs. They also are big proponents of adoption and we all know I feel about that whole thing.

Jamerrill Stewart 
She is precious. And she has a bunch of kids. She also does a lot of big family cooking videos. Not that I need the big family cooking videos. But she is also pretty real. I like her.

Life In Grace
She isn't on youtube, but Dr. Edie Wadsworth is a treasure. I follow her on Facebook and she has wonderful live videos. She also has a book out that is m

Hopefully...I've given you a few looks and listens that you hadn't encountered before. Let me know if you have some others you love.

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