Thursday, May 23, 2019

Typing Tournmanet Online (A Homeschool Review Crew Post)

I MUST tell you what our latest review has been. We have currently been enjoying Typing Tournament Online from EdAlive. We also have had access to Maths Invaders Online which is also a wonderful product from EdAlive. Stay tuned to learn more.

I know I have told of my early typing prowess before. I learned to type on an electric typewriter.  My typing teacher was all business. I was a sophomore in High School and we still used White Out to cover our mistakes.

Our typing tests were fast and furious. We weren’t allowed to even glance at our hands.
Do you feel sorry for me yet? My son (who is 17 and been able to navigate a keyboard most of his life) has no idea.

Regardless of the advances in technology, it is still really important that Josiah knows how to type efficiently. In fact, I was looking for a fun typing program for him to use this summer and I was THRILLED to have this one arrive in my inbox.

What is it?

We received a year’s subscription to Typing Tournament online. If your student enjoys playing games online, he or she will love Typing Tournament. It is more (so much more) than just a game, however. It also teaches the student to master the keyboard.

It is appropriate for ages 6 and up and uses a number of “helps” to assist those kiddos who need a bit more attention.

Typing Tournament will work on about anything (PC, MAC, Tablets) that has an internet connection. My son is familiar with the keyboard and was able to jump right in. The instruction is progressive and allows for extra practice and drills for proficiency.

I appreciated the excellent instruction…even good posture was emphasized.

You want to know another wonderful thing I LOVED about Typing Tournament?  I was just able to add it to Josiah’s assignment list every day. That was it! I didn’t have to cajole or insist. He was more than happy to sit down and work through the program. He didn’t even raise a peep about the Medieval themed games…I wondered if he would consider them “babyish.”

Not at all. I have to say that this was one of the easiest and most pleasant reviews we have done in a while.  AND it will be a product we will continue on into our summer.

We also received access to Maths Invaders Online. While we only poked around a bit at the site, this will also be one we will continue on into the summer.

In fact, I am kind of kicking myself that I haven’t been adding it to Josiah’s schedule daily.  This program is intended for ages 5-15. Josiah might be out of the recommended age group, but he certainly needs extra practice with his math skills.

And this program, again, is all about fun and mastery. Your student can start where they are and step-by-step Maths Invaders will get them where they need to be.

This one is also going on our summer rotation. Josiah is going to be a busy guy!

You also NEED to take a look at EdAlive. They really have some great products. Don’t miss connecting with them on social media. Don’t forget to click on the banner below to read more reviews.

Typing Tournament & Maths Invaders Online {EdAlive Reviews}
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