Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Meal Plan Monday - Better Late

I realize it's Wednesday and posting Meal Plan Monday on a Wednesday doesn't reflect well on my goal to plan well this year.

But it's been a week.

If you are paying attention, you might have noticed I didn't even post a Meal Plan Monday last Monday. I think I was feeling like I was coming down with something then.

If I have learned anything in life it is that there is no shame in picking up whatever you've left where you are.

If that makes sense.

Now for those of you are die-hard "just post the meal plan, lady" folks, I am about to let you down.

My blog. My party. My opportunity to spout jibberish and ramble on about my life and observations as I see fit. Never make apologies for what you feel you need to do.

My need is to ramble on with jibberish nonsense that really won't amount to a hill of beans or change the trajectory of your life. Unless you just like to be entertained by my jibber.

And for that, thank you...AND you're welcome.

For everyone, scroll on.

This week, I am recovering from whatever it was that took me down last week. I started off with a bang by taking Josiah to his first homeschool co-op of his last semester EVAH of High School.

While he was in his first class, I went to Aldi. I threw all kinds of good stuff into my cart. Aldi is a treasure. My only issue is that I tend to forget my shopping bags and wind up purchasing more shopping bags or letting everything free-float in my trunk.

I headed back to Josiah's co-op where I sat in on his science class. I'm the helper. I say "helper" very loosely. The teacher is fantastic. I am only there for the show.

After his classes ended, he and I jumped in the car and went to the Dollar Tree and to Wal-mart. I needed to get a few other things and spent way too long in the make-up section. I am looking for a foundation that is reasonably priced, can cover my rosacea and not pill up in the creaks and crevices of my dry skin.

I am still on the search.

Josiah then reminded me that I promised him I would take him to a record shop someone had told him about. Do they even call them record shops anymore?

This one had strange and cultic looking graffiti painted over every square inch. The parking lot was just a series of potholes and the windows were boarded up by a few 2x4s. I waved a few prayers of protection over him and sent him into that den of devil music.

He wasn't in there too long. He came out with his soul intact. I then dropped him off at another church to meet up with his dad. They were going to lift a few weights and get Josiah some lunch.

I went on to a chiropractor appointment. And then home where I collapsed on the couch...unable to walk the rest of the night.

And I'm not kidding.

The rest of this week is not quite as busy, but there is something going on continuously. So I needed a meal plan (Hah! You knew I would get there eventually) that would be easy to pull off as well as meet the needs of being healthy and budget-friendly.

I think I've managed it.

Monday - Leftovers

I actually didn't plan on leftovers, but that plan became obvious when I came home and couldn't walk. We had some leftover chicken legs, a kale salad, and fruit.

Tuesday - Taco Night

Chicken Burrito Bowl

I made a crockpot of red beans cooking in the crockpot and used a rotisserie chicken I got marked down from Wal-mart in the fridge. I will simply deboned the chicken, cut the meat into manageable pieces and seasonedit with a little taco seasoning. I also made a pot of brown rice (with a little cauli-rice added in), chopped up a little Romaine lettuce and made some salsa.

Good eating.

Wednesday Night - Josiah Cooks


The boy has been consistent. He has been asking to cook burgers for the past few weeks. We get the preshaped frozen burgers from Aldi. They don't take long for him to cook up and we can use as many or as few as we need. I will eat mine boneless with a side of broccoli.

Thursday Night - Comfort Classics

Roasted Chicken Legs
Baked Potatoes
Green Beans

My easy chicken leg recipe is to cook my chicken legs in a bottle of balsamic vinaigrette from Aldi. The bottle costs under $1 and lasts me a few recipes. I will fix sweet potatoes from myself and white potatoes for my guys. The green beans are canned from my parents' farm. Yum.

Friday Night - Family Fun Night


I am leaving it unspecific because we literally do have a Family Fun Night at church planned. We generally have hot dogs and chips at these events and my guys will eat when they are there. I, however, will probably eat leftovers from the night before. Hot dogs aren't on my meal plan.

Saturday - Frugal Gourmet 

Lemon Shrimp with Spinach Quinoa

I found a recipe I am going to try. I'll let you know how it turns out. The Muffin and I love shrimp. Josiah is not a huge fan, but he will eat a couple.

Sunday - Church Day! 

Tikki Masala (chicken)

I am not going to rely on leftovers this week. I have a jar of Tikki Masala from Aldi in my pantry. I try and keep it stocked up. It is super easy to fix. I also plan on making enough quinoa Saturday night to serve with the Tikki Masala. I also will make sure there is a salad to serve with it. Most of it I will get together on Saturday. I have had success fixing it in the slow cooker too. I simply cut up chicken breasts, add the sauce and turn it on. It doesn't take any time at all to cook through. Easy Peasy.

I also realize that Sunday is the Super Bowl. We don't cancel church Sunday evenings for the game but I"m sure it will still be going on when we get out. I am not planning on any special snacks for my guys. I will probably pick up some easy munchies for them to enjoy. I just haven't thought that far ahead!

So that's it! Hope I've given you a few ideas.

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