Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Pandemic Favs (the simple list) 30 Day Blog Challenge

It's Day 982 of my 30 Day Blog Challenge.

Actually, it is probably 20 or something like it, but I have just lost track completely of day/time/month/year.

I was going to spend this blog railing and complaining about the lack of consideration for other people folks are showing each other.

People hoarding food they don't need. Stealing masks and gloves from our local clinic (true story).

I realize people are scared. But goodness.

So I will direct my attention to things I can control. And I recognize that fear causes people to behave all kinds of ways.

In this post, I want to share some things with you that I am currently loving. We will call them My Pandemic Favs.

1. My endless supply of Hot Beverage choices. I am a tea bag hoarder, ya'll. I also have an unreasonable supply of sugar-free specialty syrups. I actually ran out of my ginormous supply of Kcups. I had to order some from the Walmarts when I had a pickup order. AND I ordered a Double Mocha Sugar Free Espresso mix from Amazon. On my to-do list is to make up a batch of sugar-free hot chocolate mix.

Talk about self-care! Keep in mind that I AM THE ONLY PERSON in my house who drinks hot beverages. The Muffin might enjoy a cup of hot chocolate socially...but he is not in the habit of imbibing.

2. Libby. Libby is my online library connection. I last went to the physical library over two weeks ago. That stack was read ages ago. I have a hearty collection saved on Libby shelf. My only criticism is that Libby doesn't have a lot of older books. And there is a wait for the bestsellers. Why? Isn't it digital? I guess it doesn't work like streaming a tv show. Some libraries use Overdrive. Our library has that option, as well.

3. Our Daily Walks. Yes. It's happening. We didn't take one a few days ago because of the stinging sleet that was falling from the sky. We aren't walking a long distance. But the boy and I have been strolling around our block like we own the place. It's been good to get out and breathe in and out without worrying about catching the coronavirus.

Plus, it makes me feel smug. Sure. I have a couch. And I"m sitting on it. But I'm doing my best to walk it out.

4. Time. I meant to get my kitchen floor mopped yesterday. But I went over to the church and helped bag up take-out suppers for our free meal (we aren't doing dine-in). By the time I got home and ate myself, I was ready to sit down with Pinterest and my 42nd cup of hot tea for the day. Instead of beating myself up, I just got up and did it today. I had time.

There is something nice about taking one's time with household tasks. Tomorrow I plan to pull some stuff in my living room away from the walls and sweep. Actually, who are we kidding? Josiah is going to pull stuff out for me and then I'll sweep. 

That's all I have for today.

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