Saturday, March 7, 2020

What's in my Purse (30 Day Blog Challenge)

I've missed a day AGAIN. It's Day 10, but I am going to post Day 9...right here. You can check out the whole list of my 30 Day Blog Challenge here.

I do have a good excuse. We are having a special service at church in the morning and I have been busy doing church stuff.

It's for the Lord.

That's my excuse.

Today my topic is WHAT'S IN MY PURSE?

I do have a confession.

I actually cleaned the trash out of my purse so I wouldn't have to admit I had so much trash in my purse when I wrote about the contents in my purse.


I guess I did just kind of "out" myself right there.

I also took out my planner, a rough copy of the church directory I am working on, and a notebook for all my "list-making."

It didn't get back in my purse this morning because I was busy making lists.

This is the deal. I am all about a cute purse.

My current purse is a sparkly Coach purse The Muffin bought me for Christmas at the Ladies Resale Shop in town.

It takes quite a bit of abuse. I can't do a small purse. It would be really impractical for me.

My very favorite purse EVAH is a scrappy woven purse my momma made me. It's gorgeous.

I don't have a picture of'll just have to take my word for it.

But I do have pictures of what is in my purse this very minute!

This is the purse in its usual state. Drives the Muffin crazy that I don't keep it zipped up.

I took things out in groups and I'm going to identify the items in each section. Here you see my Dollar Tree shades. That cute little Coach bag in the back has all my monies in it. Mostly quarters for Aldi. The Muffin got the bag for me (at the same resale shop) for Valentine's Day.

You can see a peek of some gold dangly earrings in the bottom right corner. And my key chain. I have to keep it large and this one I got just before Christmas at my favorite online boutique ( I also got a few for gifts.

Yet another bag (Coach) that The Muffin got me along with my purse. I'll talk about what's in this one in the next picture. Here you can also see my generic Tylenol purchased at Meijer, my blood sugar monitor and the granny glasses also purchased at the Dollar Tree. I don't use them as often as I should. My mom has pairs of them all over her house. It's like an alien invasion. It is quite possible that these came from her house.

The bag above has some hand lotion, lipstick, lip gloss, and dental floss. I didn't bring out the lipgloss or the second tube of red lipstick. There is also another small container of dental floss.

One never knows.

Here you see a peek of my red wallet (given to me by my Aunt Phyllis), a prescription of my vertigo medicine, and crochet needles.

I'm prepared. Anybody need anything crocheted and I am on it. You can also see my favorite pen, a nail file, and cinnamon gum. I LOVE cinnamon gum.

Here are some odds and ends. I have a couple of gift cards that didn't fit in my purse. There is some left of the Nail Care (pedicure, here I come!), a gift card for sushi (all from the Muffin), a checkbook, some sweetener and.....wait for it....a toothbrush. 

There is no way I am using that toothbrush. Just sayin' 

I think at one point it did have a carrying holder on it. For years, I carried around a little toothbrush and toothpaste for Josiah in my purse. I also got in the habit of having one for myself. But I also was better about keeping them contained in something sanitary. 

I guess this one is there the next time I need to do some detailed cleaning around the faucet at Walmart 😝 Yucky. 

That's it! What do you keep in your purse?

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