Monday, May 11, 2020

The Quarantine Splurge

I am not sure of the day.

Is it Thursday? Or was yesterday Thursday?

Not to worry.

I now know it's Monday and all is well.

How are you folks holding up?

We are well.

I am busier than I have ever thought I would be stuck at home.

I'm also going to be here just a little bit longer.

It's just the way of things.

Fortunately, I can entertain myself and can always find something to do.

Believe it or not, I've not watched hardly any TV. There isn't anything I'm binging on Hulu or Netflix.

Josiah and I were going to have a marathon of all The Lord of the Rings movies but then Netflix removed them from their site.


We have them on DVD. But to be honest it isn't quite the same as binging them on a streaming service.

Also, we just now found the remote to the DVD player. I think it had been in quarantine underneath Josiah's bed.

Scary. Place.

I have read all the crime thrillers I could squeeze into my online library reader. I can't even imagine the number of people who have been doing the same thing.

There was a book I just looked up to place on hold. It said I would have to wait 10 weeks before it was my turn to read it.

What? 10 weeks? How long is 10 weeks?

Will it still be 2020?

Is this Thursday?

Anyhoo. I looked it up on Amazon (kindle) and found out I would need to dish out 9.99.

I just couldn't. I can read books for free. That 9.99 could go towards a cute pair of summer sandals.

Speaking of summer sandals.

I might have purchased a pair or four online. In my defense, I never spend a whole lot of money on my shoes. Or anything for that matter.

But these shoes. I ordered them from an online boutique I stalk. They were marked down and I had a coupon code.

I realize purchasing shoes of any kind is risky online. But. These came in and I immediately tried them on.

They were marvelous. They kind of molded to my feet like some sort of fantastic hammock. But with a cute wedge. 

So I ordered just a pair (or two) more.

This from a girl who splurges on Old Navy flip flops and ballet flats from the Walmarts.

I feel kind of wild. And extravagant.

I also don't have anywhere to wear them.

But, boy....when I do. I'm going to be stylin'.

Stay safe. And buy yourself some cute sandals.

Friday, May 1, 2020


I'm editing videos for church today.

I did a parcel of them yesterday, too.

It's hard to imagine this, but I am our church's camerawoman, video editor, AND social media manager.

We've been using our cell phones, and a couple of inexpensive or free programs for editing and graphic making.

I've learned a little more than I knew before. But who would have thought my entrance into video reviews last year for the Old Schoolhouse Magazine would have provided such great experience for "such a time as this."

I've also been trying out False Eyelashes.

Yes, I have.

I've seen other people wear them. In my defense, my own eyelashes are practically non-existent and blonde. I figure I'm a grown woman.

I can do whatever I want (circa Beyonce 2014).

You should see me try and put them on. I would record myself but what lands on the interwebs...stays on the interwebs. They would be part of some frightening meme collection.

This morning, I had glue all over my eyelids. I had to pry my lids apart.

I shall continue in my efforts.

Other people are learning a second language, learning to weave, and bake a perfect loaf of bread.

I'm learning to apply falsies.

Stay safe my friends.

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