Saturday, October 10, 2020

Wife of Jesus? Prostitute? How About Neither. The Bible Ladies Brunch Bunch and Old Fashioned Apple Pudding

 As I am writing this post, I am STILL waiting for the Bible Study to upload. 

It's been quite the week. 

Have you ever had a season in your life that you have felt uneasy, yet you really couldn't pin down why? Or maybe it is a mixture of things...not one specific incident you can point to. 

For example "this happened (name your crisis) and it stinks." 

This week I've been uneasy. I might talk more about it in a later post. Even the Bible Ladies video coming to you right now made me uneasy.

Why? In it I call myself something I rarely even admit to. Morbidly obese. The struggle is real and private and painful and humiliatingly. 

This part of my life has been the one unconquered battle. 

Mary Magdalene knew suffering. The Bible says that she was possessed by 7 demons. While, I know my issues aren't caused by demon possession, I do know what it is like to be DESPERATE for change. For an answer. For the magic pill. 

When Mary Magdalene was delivered she was changed. That change shaped the rest of her life. She was witness to life and ministry of Jesus Christ. She was witness to His crucifixion. She and the other women in Jesus' life lovingly and carefully prepared his body for burial. And she was the first that Jesus appeared to after His resurrection. 

While we have not been given such a front row seat to mankind's greatest miracle, each of us have been changed. And we continue to change. 

My daily reminder to myself is that I need to continually be desperate for Him. That I need not forget ALL He has done for me. And if He could make this crooked body walk again. If He could fill my empty arms with a beautiful child. If He could cause laughter and joy to rise within my heart after dark, dark days. He can take care of WHATEVER I have need of. 

In our video today, we also discuss Mary's rather soiled reputation. Which is most definitely undeserved. While Bible Scholars have righted that wrong, it's tough to get rid of a label. And it's tough to get rid of those labels we attach to ourselves. 

What label have you attached yourself to? 

I think it is time to peel off some of those labels. 

In the video, I am sharing an Old-Fashioned Apple Pudding. You can find the recipe and Scripture printables below. 


This Week's Printables

Bible Study Notes Printable

Bible Study Journal

Scripture Printable

Apple Pudding

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