Thursday, January 28, 2021

Cat Love

 I know! 

Two posts in a row. There must be some sort of extra juju in my morning coffee. 

Actually, the electrician is here again today and I need to appear busy. I don't want to for him to think I sit around all day long reading murder mysteries and binge watch Grey's Anatomy. 

Say what? 

The work crew from the energy company is still here. Yesterday, they secured the gigantic pole they installed next to the Parsonage with a couple of bungie chords and a few enormous French knots (poorly done French knots). It looked frightening. This morning they gathered around looking up at it like it had just appeared overnight. One guy even left the doors on his truck open like he was prepared for a quick getaway. 

Princess and I were concerned. 

I shared this picture on my FB page. 

Her favorite napping place is now my chest. 

It's a good thing I love her. 

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