Wednesday, February 10, 2021

The Bible Ladies Brunch Bunch - Learning to Live a Beautiful Life - Soul Care

 I understand. 

I'm not really good at taking care of myself. For one, I feel guilty. Should I take precious time for myself when I need to be devoting it to something "far more important?" 

The result of that mindset can be damaging. Not only to me, but to those around me. 

That is why today we are talking about "Soul Care" in The Bible Ladies Brunch Bunch. We are currently going through a series "Learning to Live a Beautiful Life." 

Soul Care needs to be a part of our plan. 

In this video, I not only talk about planning for daily prayer and devotion, but I also talking about other nourishing habits that keep us active and able to do what God has called us to do. 

I hope you enjoy the video. What are something of the things you do on a daily basis to care for yourself and your soul? 

By the way, I mentioned in the video that I would share my current "chair exercise" routine video. It's under 10 minutes. WE can do this! 

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