Tuesday, August 16, 2022

It's Time Again

 It's time. 

It's time to get back to writing and posting on this little blog. I have unintentionally neglected it for such a long time. 

I originally started it for selfish reasons. I was facing some challenges and needed an outlet. I needed to pontificate and ramble. I also needed to remind myself that life can still be beautiful despite the scary stuff we all face in life. 

I admit I've experienced burnout along the way. This past year, especially. I am trying to find my pace again and trying to focus on something other than my own fears and foibles. In other words, I need to find joy in places and situations that seem joyless. 

Life is still challenging. There are issues that haven't magically disappeared into that place where all problems go to die. But it is time for me to find the delightful moments in life and encourage those of you who have struggled to do the same. 

My delight might be different than your delight but at least we can all encourage one another. The world is too full of nastiness and spite. 

I am going to honor my promise to be more purposeful and deliberate in my days. AND to honor those goals I have set for myself. With God's help. Always with His help. 

Have you found yourself stuck in place? 

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