Saturday, November 10, 2007

Constant Comment

written sometime this past summer-

I must be one some kind of blogging binge! I seem to go through manic phases in my creativity levels. Right now I have a lot to say…in ten minutes I might not be able to put two words together. We are going to have a busy, busy weekend. My brother's kids are all going to be here and my sister and her little girl. Her little boy is going to spend the week with his other grandparents. Josiah will be thrilled. He is in his element amongst all his cousins. He already has plans. He is absolutely in love with one of his girl cousins…I have had to explain to him that he can't marry her either…you might recall that he wanted to marry me recently. He is such a literal kind of personality that I have to be really careful about how I explain things to him. Yesterday when we were at the movies we saw a preview for Underdog (which looks really cute)…it is a live action movie and they use a computer generated "underdog". When the trailer was over he turned to me and said, "But dogs don't talk." He was just a little concerned. Would Solomon the dog start talking?

And speaking of talking… that boy can talk. Here is an example of one our conversations we had just this morning after he had scratched his hand outside on the dog's kennel. His daddy doctored it and put a band-aid on it. Keep in mind that the following conversation was pretty much constant, with no starts or stops. "Mom, what is alcohol? Mom, does alcohol sting? Mom, are you 16? Mom, don't you know you can't drive a car unless you're sixteen? (at this point I haven't even answered the first question) Mom, are the kids coming today? (his cousins). Mom, are all the kids coming?" I say "I think so". When he discovers that I am not all that chatty he turns to his daddy. "Dad, are you 16? Dad, do you need a haircut? Dad, do you like getting your hair cut? Dad, don't you know I can't read the Bible cause there is no pictures. (don't ask me where that came from…he does have a little storybook with pictures) Dad, why are you looking up there? You are looking up there because you are looking at the sky. Dad, have you ever seen a big orange cat? Don't you know we had a big orange cat?" Now it's my turn again. "Mom, do you remember our cat, “Chester?" I know what's coming and tentatively nod my head. "Mom, remember how Chester got hit by a car and blood was running out of his mouth?" This happened nearly 2 years ago. His big phrase that he uses all the time right now is "Don't you know." What is so funny about this is that when he first started using it a couple of months ago my mom started laughing and told me that my great- grandfather (my Dad's grandfather) used to say "Don't you know" all the time too. Kind of makes you wonder? Then it begins again. I tell him to take off his PJ's and put on some play clothes. "Mom, Ama (my Mom) gave Solomon a bath yesterday. Don't you know he feels all squishy? Mom, don't you know at Bass Pro there are sharks. If you go in there are lots and lots of Sharks. You will have to go in and look at them. Mom, there is a place to eat at Bass Pro, but we can't go because it cost too much money (something his daddy has said). Mom, I haven't had my vitamins yet. (they are spiderman vitamins)" I let him pick out a vitamin and notice that he has picked out all the orange ones and left the other colors behind. "Mom, how many vitamins does Scooby Doo take? " For a guy who doesn't think dogs should talk apparently he thinks it's okay that Scooby takes his daily multiple vitamins. I then remind him that he hasn't changed his clothes. "Mom, but I have a band-aid on my finger." Aw, the great male excuse gene has kicked in! I give him one minute to change his clothes. The big topic of conversation then turned to my brother's toes. He was born with his two middle toes stuck together on both feet. Apparently, this is an inherited thing because we have a great -grandfather and a great- uncle or two that have the same thing. Josiah only noticed today. "Mom, (he comes running into the bedroom) Uncle Ryan has two toes that do this. (he grabs his toes together) Don't you know that your toes aren't supposed to do that?" I tell him that Uncle Ryan was born that way. "Mom, who would do that to Uncle Ryan's toes. Mom, we need to try and get them unstuck. Mom, can I wear my jean shorts? Don't you know that my other shorts keep falling off?

Can you tell that I am pretty proud of him. Exhausted and somewhat bewildered, but proud. I'm glad he has a curious mind…not sure how it operates, but at least he's curious. I just feel a little sorry for his kindergarten teacher and worry that he is going to be one of those kids who gets his desk put up by the teacher because he can't stop talking! Well, I'm off to get some housework started…I have noticed that Josiah has changed his shorts once again and put back on his PJ shorts. That boy.

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