Monday, August 17, 2009

4th of July Lapbook

Here is our 4th of July Lapbook. To be honest, I don't remember where I got most of the stuff from. I can take some wild guesses! I did use lots of scrapbook paper, stickers and other odds and ends. I was blessed to get stuff at Hobby Lobby when they were marking down all of their stuff for the 4th. I even got some extra for a Flag Lapbook or a Constitution Lapbook, etc., etc.

This is the front. I am sorry it is so blurry. I battle with my little digital camera. If I were so inclined I would figure it out, but that's how it goes! I did copy and paste a vintage 4th of July postcard from online.
This is the back. I used some ribbon, construction paper and cut out the cover of our bulletin from church that Sunday! I believe in using all you have! This holds copywork, etc.
This lapbook I made to open up like a book. If you look really close in the left hand corner you will see some sparkle. Josiah and I made stars from baggies, glitter and sparkly stars.

Opened up in all its glory.

The top flap. It was a cut and paste activity.

More stuff.

I believe the majority of activities I got from (all free!)
and some more activities from has several free downloadable lapbooks if you sign up.

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