Monday, August 17, 2009

Pumpkin Lapbook

This is our Pumpkin Lapbook we did for our 1st grade year. I am not really sure where I got everything, but I do remember taking a look at some pumpkin lapbooks at and using ideas I saw there. You shouldn't have any trouble finding printables and minibook ideas for Pumpkins. It is a popular theme with elementary school teachers. I have many myself I have used before when I taught.

This is the back cover. Don't know why I have this up first, but oh well! It is a pumpkin observation sheet used while we carved a pumpkin. Actually, this is the clean one. The original one got ruined.

Here it is opened up. Again, I can't remember where all of it came from! Sorry! Should have done a better job in keeping records. I plan on doing a 2nd grade version so I guess I need to start researching!

Another collection of things to do.

The front of our lapbook. I used lots of scrapbook paper, pumpkin stickers and orange and yellow raffia. This one was such a hit that my mom used it as inspiration to teach with. She gives art classes to Senior Citizens in a nursing home. They make all sorts of jewelry, paint, watercolor paintings and she showed this to the therapists as inspiration for patients who need sensory activities. I made them a Snowman Lapbook complete with touch and feel activies, etc. And I didn't take any pictures!

Again, I believe that most of the activities I found from looking through other some other gals creations at I believe there is also a link for The Pumpkin Patch Parable activities by Liz Curtis Higgs. We love this book and I have used it for several years in a variety of locations around harvest time. And intend on using it again this year!

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