Sunday, February 7, 2010


This morning, on the way out the door to church, I heard a sound that made me catch my breath just a little bit. It was the sound of a song bird. It seemed out of place on this cold and gray day. Not to mention the forecast calls for more snow tonight. I hope the song bird has some place cozy to sleep. Of course, those of us who live in climates that are more seasonally distinctive are used to grumbling at the end of summer or winter. I can't stand this heat...I'm ready for sweater weather...I can't wait until I start planting my tomatoes. I've tried to live my life not waiting for the next celebration or season. It can be hard. We were out and about a few days ago. And once again, snow started falling. At first, I ducked my head, increased my was the kind of snow that was big and wet. Then I stopped, threw my head back and let the snowflakes fall onto my tongue. I was standing in front of Target, so I got more than a few looks (of which included my 8-year-old son). So many times I have promised myself not to let "life" and all the little moments pass me by. If those little moments happen to be catching snowflakes on my tongue or blowing dandelions into the wind so be it. I don't want to wait to feel like I have to wait for the ideal circumstances to really appreciate what is going on around me.

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