Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's A Saturday Night

I shouldn't feel so accomplished. I'm sitting on my couch surrounded by the remains of a loooonng week (translation: My house is a mess). I have some stuff done and have decided not to spend the 30 minutes before bed strategizing how I can get up 20 minutes early tomorrow to get it all done before church. Shew! That was a doozy of a sentence! Anyways. Instead of vacumming up the petrified pinto beans underneath my table (you don't really want to know), I will take this time for some random thoughts.

1. I'm debating when I should do the whole "change of seasons" clothing bru-ha-ha. Of course, anyone living in a climate where it's always 72 and sunny would have no clue about the bi-yearly clothing switch-a-roo. And unless you have a walk-in closet the size of my bedroom (which isn't sayin' much) you have to pack away all the shorts, sun dresses & tanks in exchange for the sweaters, sweats & fuzzy slippers. Or vice versa. I'm really struggling with it this year. For one thing it's been like 96. I am not prepared to release my flip flops into the wild that is our storage building just yet.

2. Josiah keeps coming in to watch his favorite parts of Indiana Jones. It wouldn't be a problem, but he's currently taking a bath. Which means he keeps coming in 'in the all together'....whoops! There he is again!

3. I don't think I've feed my family a vegetable since Tuesday. Yep. Tuesday. Unless a vegetable happened to find its way onto somebody's plate at the Chinese food buffet yesterday. Or Steak and Shake last night. I did have tomato and onion on my burger, but I'm pretty sure they don't sneak veggies into the cheese sauce. And I think Josiah had at least a gallon of the stuff.

4. Tomorrow is my little sister's birthday. I'm trying decide what to get her. Yeah. I don't have anything yet. She lives Oklahoma so it's not like she'll know or anything. Unless she reads this blog post. My little sister is beautiful. And poised. And organized. I want to be her when I grow up. Sigh.

5. Speaking of birthdays. Why do so many of my friends and family have birthdays in the fall? Good grief. At least we could spread it out a bit people.

6. When Josiah and I went to Walmart today (I hate going on Saturdays - but it had to be done) we saw a little kid sacked out in his mom's shopping cart. I said, "I sure would love to do that." Josiah said, "Mom, you wouldn't fit." Thanks, Son. He's always good to point out the obvious.

7. Quick Question. Do you think Orange Juice counts as a vegetable? We have been chugging down organge juice. Does this mean I can stop feeling guilty?

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