Sunday, October 31, 2010

Loopy in Missouri

It's quiet this morning. Really quiet. Except for the wailing of the sirens. We live downtown. There is always some siren wailing somewhere. But at least it's quiet in my house. My boys are in Illinois (outside St. Louis) visiting family for the weekend. I stayed home because I'm sick. I'm feeling better. I think. That's a good sign. Cardiomyopathy and diabetes don't leave a girl with a quick recovery time when she's sick. It usually takes me weeks to get better when a bug has caught up with me.

Anyhoo, I've got some things to share. Keep in mind I'm on some sort of medication that makes me a bit loopy. I would try and use that excuse in my everyday life, but most days I'm just plain loopy...without any help.

1. Springfield, MO is a snake free zone. Let me rephrase. Springfield, MO is a rubber snake free zone. All I am asking for is a cheap bag of rubber snakes to add to our Indiana Jones Trunk for Trunk or Treat Sunday night. Is that too  much to ask? I don't think so. Rubber spiders, rats, dinosaurs, bugs...I've seen them all. No rubber snakes! Except for a freaky "put in water and watch me grow" snake I found at the Dollar Tree. I would have to buy like 40 of them to make a proper snake pit. And what is an Indiana Jones Trunk without snakes I tell you?

2. I am a hoarder. I hoard children's books (I actually hoard other kinds of books, too, but one step at a time.) This week I am cleaning out Josiah's room. Because it was time to free him from himself. Poor guy. He might not have inherited Mommy's DNA, but he certainly inherited my "messy room gene" (and there is one, I am convinced...and it's "nurtured"). Anyhoo, I packed up all of his books that he has outgrown. Good Night Moon, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Can You Give A Mouse A Cookie, The Rainbow Fish....I have boxes of books that are going to be banished to the dark recesses of our storage unit. And no, I am neither generous or practical enough to give them away. I actually got weepy. Our copy of Good Night is raggedy, but I've had it for almost 20 years. I'm still not sure I won't wind up rescuing them...

3. I guess Krispy Kreme is not an appropriate supper. Especially when one is diabetic and needing to lose poundage in the double digits (at least). Shhh. Don't tell. So much for a "Be Good To Beke" weekend.

4. I went through the Drive Thru at a popular fast food joint to get a pop and was sitting in line before I realized I hadn't actually ordered the pop. I just pulled up behind the car waiting at the window. That's what snot on the brain will do to you. I really shouldn't have been allowed out of the house.

5. I was in Hobby Lobby this past week. You can find me there every other Tuesday and once a month on Wednesdays (just kidding...I'm not quite that bad...I'm too poor to truly be addicted to Hobby Lobby). Anyhoo, I saw this guy walking through the store. He had on sunglasses indoors(proof right there that this guy was all that and a bag of chips). He was talking on the phone..."waz up...that's the way I roll." He even quoted lyrics from a popular rap song.  He paused in the conversation. Apparently the person on the other end asked him where he was.  "Oh, I'm at Hobby Lobby," He says. . It really caught me off guard. I tried to suppress the giggles that were welling up within me and snorted instead...scaring a little old man looking at the model airplanes. 'Cause nothing says bad-to-the-bone gansta like Hobby Lobby

6. There are all sorts of things you can get away with when you are by yourself. I actually left the bathroom door open this weekend. I'm sorry...That's probably too much information. But it was really quite liberating. Nobody was trying to get in...Nobody needed to find their keys...Nobody wanted me to make them a peanut butter sandwich. We really need to get some reading material in there if this is going to keep happening.

7. I got to watch some girl movies this weekend. When I say "girl" movies I really mean ones I can watch on the flat screen without somebody trying to talk me into letting them play Wii or watch a ballgame. Troy actually likes a lot of movies I do. I am fond of the musical. I found myself doing a little choreography along with the movie.  Which probably disturbed my downstairs neighbor to no end.

8. It's tough being home sick. I did venture out yesterday and was forced into having lunch with my friend. You know what they do. They call you up. "Hey, I'm craving Cashew Chicken. You want to meet for lunch. I'll treat." And you know what you do. "Sure, say in 30 minutes?" You see the kind of friends I have. They can guilt me into anything.

Shew. That's about as much as I got tonight. Actually, I have some more, but I am taking some sort of medication that makes me a little loopy. Did I say that already? Any further comments might incriminate me...And I might confess things I'd have to explain to my momma later on.

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