Monday, May 30, 2011

Lights. Camera. Action!

My Josiah is an artist. His medium isn't paint or chalk or clay. Instead he spends his time creating stories with his ready & able army of action figures, etc. etc. Nothing in my house is safe...a necklace might be turned into a rope, bits of toilet paper (clean, of course) become billowing smoke, and a hanger becomes a hanging bridge. We indulge him, mostly.As long as he doesn't use food for special effects (it's happened) we're good. Just a little note: Josiah is no longer allowed to use mustard without adult supervision.

Here is the scene of the day.

He's also decided to go into business for himself. After pricing some of his favorite Indiana Jones toys online, he's decided that there is money to be made in the action figure/archaeologist market and is going to reproduce his creations. He offered to sell this one to me for 1000 bucks this afternoon and wondered if he might get a million out of it if he posted it online. Any takers? We'll throw in the hanger :<)

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