Wednesday, June 1, 2011

An Afternoon With Handel

Our little Ozarks city is sophisticated enough to have a Symphony Orchestra. And because we are all about sophistication Josiah and I loaded up picnic of PB&J and headed to a free concert in the park. Some of the string section performed for us today. A variety of people came out. Business men on their lunch breaks (still in suits and ties), Moms and babies and strollers and the ever faithful senior population.  I was in heaven. I love music of all sorts and I'm particularly fond of some of the classical stuff. Josiah doesn't have the same appreciation. He was really disappointed to find out that the park didn't have a swing set.

Founders Park in Springfield is made up of concrete blocks. You can read about some pretty neat Springfield history all over the park...Josiah wasn't too interested in Springfield history. He was still looking for that swing set.

We did take a minute to enjoy the water. Which is almost as good as swing set.

It's hot out hare! Later, Josiah could be seen pouring the water from the water bottle over his head. 'Cause we are sophisticated like that.  

You know what he is thinking. "If only I could jump down in that water." Hey..that's what I was thinking!

But not now! We've got a concert to go to.  The group is warming up. You can see (if you look close enough) the very sophisticated clothes pin on the side of the cellist's music stand. It was windy! He joked and told us the clothes pin was made by Stradivarius. Those crazy musicians!

The next group of pictures were taken by one Josiah Bevan. This one is a nice view of the sky.

And a peek at my feet. I'm sure glad I touched up my pedicure.

And a close-up of the random action figure we just had to bring with us. At one point, random action figure was hanging for dear life from a crack in the block behind us. 

Alrighty then. Pictures of statue people. Guy is pointing towards Chestnut least I think. He could be reaching towards Jefferson.. Little girl is standing on a ball. Don't know why she is standing on a ball or what that signifies. Anybody have a clue? She also has her 'hands in the air like you don't give a care." Didn't her momma tell her she could lose her balance doing that?

Here he aims the camera back at himself. This is pretty funny. He giggled at this picture for quite some time. 

Ah. Back to the concert. Everytime they would finish a movement we would all clap and Josiah would say (a little to loudly for mom's sake) "Is that the last one?"

Mom has control of the camera again. And there is just reward for a patience boy. Look who gets to get in the water!

The signs say "No Swimming." Which cracks me up. Dipping and dangling and wading is encouraged, however. I don't believe the water is deep enough to do much swimming in. Though you never know. Give a Hillbilly a chance to strip down and take a dip and he/she will go for it. One cement pond is like another. 

What bliss! Beautiful music, PB & J & a cement pond. In one afternoon!

Next week the Ballet is going to perform. I plan on showing up in a tutu. Not really. But maybe I can talk Josiah into wearing one.

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