Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Paul and Sherry Sittin' In A Tree..."

It’s a bright and beautiful morning in the Ozarks. I don’t have much on the calendar for today. Except homeschool and laundry and menial housekeeping duties. But, hey. If anyone comes over right now they won't  trip over anything so we’re good. I have been trying to do a little bit of clutter control and you will be pleased to know that I finally found Jesus. No. It’s not what you think. Jesus found me ages ago. Back at Christmas time I had misplaced my nativity scene (you can read about it here) and we spent the Christmas season without it. I found it! It was in a chest in my bedroom (along with homeschool books, an old quilt, a moldy poptart somebody was trying to safe for later and a few mismatched socks). I remember now that I had put the nativity set there instead of packing it up with the Christmas decorations because I didn’t want it broken. I also didn't want it used as part of some sort of battle between the evil hordes and Indiana Jones. Joseph might have wound up as an officer in Hitler's army (circa Raiders of the Lost Ark). And I  didn’t want to forget where I had put it. Such is life. Maybe I can work the Nativity Set into my Fourth of July tablescape. Jesus is the Reason for every season, after all.
Later on this week we are going to have supper with some family in Joplin. I am going to get to see a cousin who I haven’t seen in ages. So it’s going to be a good time. This weekend also marks my Mom and Dad’s 41st Anniversary. And then the Studly Muffin will be celebrating his birthday on Monday. I intend on giving The Studly Muffin a little more attention on my blog another time, but I wanted to share this picture of my parents. It was taken in California just before they went to Nicaragua as missionaries. Aren’t they cute? They are also kind of freaky…with that height difference and all. Of all the advice my mother gave to me as a child the advice to “marry somebody tall” sticks in my memory. My mom is 4’11. My dad is 6’3. Yeah. I could comment about their stylin' threads, but I can't talk. I would have to explain the pictures of me sporting my parachute pants. And I'm not ready to go there.

This picture was shamelessly pirated from my Aunt Susie's Facebook photos. Aunt Susie is the keeper of Family History.

Despite some unfortunate fashion choices in the '70's I couldn’t have asked for better parents. They did a lot of things right. You couldn’t ask for a more humble and generous pair. I can say that. I’m their daughter. I’m sure my brother and sister agree. They have to ‘cause I’m the oldest. But not necessarily the bossiest.

Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad!

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