Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Fountain of Youth

This evening my friend Sheryl came by with her kids and we loaded up and went to play in the fountains at a nearby park. Talk about a perfect Summer evening! There was water! There was fire! There was a mountain! There were some folks who needed to have a Swimsuit Cover-up Intervention! 

It's now time to play "Can You Spot the Tongue?" Maybe not the best name for the game, but I took more pictures of Josiah with his tongue hanging out of his mouth. I guess the whole running through the water experience is enhanced by sticking one's tongue out. I hope he didn't ingest too much of that water.

I don't know who the little girl in the tutu bathing suit is, but I am digging the suit. I want one!

 Ha! Tongue alert!

 He was soon splashing everyone within reach with all of that water.

 You can hardly see him behind the wall of water. 

 Hanging that tongue out!

This was too cool! I didn't get a good picture. I am not a good picture taker, nor is my camera very fast. But this was worth hanging out to watch for a while. The  Pyro boys were fascinated. I suddenly craved smores.


 Climb, Climb up Sunshine Mountain!

Hey, Mom! I can see China from here! Actually Josiah did recognize a local University where we saw Temple Grandin a few months ago.

 Oops! The little daredevil wasn't with us, but he was bound and determined to climb that mountain his way. Josiah told me he was kinda scared. Sheryl had to help him down, but he promptly scurried back up.

More posing at the top of the mountain. I'm thinking I need The Studly Muffin to install one of these in the Living Room...along with the fountain. Josiah had no trouble going to sleep tonight!

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