Friday, July 22, 2011

Old-School (and some new)

I can't believe I'm still up. I really need to be sleeping...or doing dishes. I haven't been at the top of my "Homekeeping" game, that's for sure. I actually made Hamburger Helper tonight. It was painful. I am not a Hamburger Helper sort of gal. I apologize to all those out there who need Hamburger Helper to get through the week. I admit I have issues with processed foods, but I, myself, have been in the need of a boxed dinner to get by now and again.

And it is also pretty sad that my son has developed a love for instant mashed potatoes. I'm not sure how it happened. I am a devoted food snob. My supper wound up being a mango and half of an orange.

So why this terrible fall from food snobbery? I have spent the last two days literally surrounded by mountains of scrapbook paper. I'm am so afraid that Maintenance menwill need to come and fix something that everytime I hear a sound in the hall I start making piles and covering them with towels. I am fearful that somebody will turn me into the "Hoarders" show one of these days and I will wind up on TV trying to justify my collection of stick glue.

I got a few things done for Cousin Camp today and did a few things that I had no business messing with. While on yet another search for my elusive box of scrapbook notions I came across a couple of lapbooks that Josiah and I have made over the last few years. Now lapbooking is one of my favorite homeschooling tools. I'll have to post more about it later. But basically it is a scrapbook with lots of little books pertaining to any subject you might be covering. I particularly love to do lapbooks based on literature.

One of my favorite Children's author is Jan Brett. The Three Snow Bears is a retelling of The Three Bears...only set in the Arctic.  This is the cover of the lapbook.

There are many lapbooking resources available. I have purchased ones I can just download, but more frequently I use bits and pieces of either free minibooks others have created or I made my own. Or I find them from resources I already have in my crazy collection of Teacher books. That is another reason to turn me into "Hoarders." I have more teacher books than a gal teaching her only child has any right to. In my defense, I taught other people's children for years...If I have a few (or 250) education type books hiding underneath my bed that's my business. Thank you very much.

I can't stand a naked lapbook. It might be okay for some. I envy you. And to be honest, Josiah doesn't care if they are naked. But I am too visual to be happy with nakedness (now that doesn't sound quite right). Anyhoo. I always use scrapbook paper. And stickers. And other stuff.

Just looking at this stuff makes me long for a good blizzard. Just a small one. It's 100 degrees outside. A day or two stomping through the snow would do us all good. Then it can go back to summer. And wait until January to snow again.

This is some stuff kept in a pocket inside the lapbook.

Another book I pulled out of our long and forgotten completed projects was a Farm Notebook. Josiah did this in 1st grade (I think). A Notebook is different than a lapbook in that, well, it is compiled using a notebook of some sort. We created pockets for this notebook and he filled them with the mini books and other projects.  I didn't take a picture of everything in the Notebook. But you can see some of my favorite little books.

A few little books tucked into one of the pockets. You can see the evidence of my Bubble Letters everywhere. You can take the teacher out of the Early Childhood Classroom, but you can't take the Early Childhood out of the teacher. Bubble Letters Forever!

Another pocket.

 And the cute little book in the pocket. With lima beans.

What? No Bubble Letters on the Baking Bread book? I must have had an "off" day.

And yet again. Another "Bubbless" book.

But how cute is this Peanut Butter and Jelly Book? Makes me think of my Girl Scout days. Which in turn makes me think of Girl Scout Cookies. Thin Mints. Good Grief! That mango and orange didn't really cut it! Anybody got a good late night "Thin Mint" recipe?

And how precious is this. We cute out shapes (and my very strange rendering of a barn) and Josiah made a farm landscape. If I asked him to make the same landscape today you can guarantee that we would find Indiana Jones crouching behind the tree waiting to dig up some sort of lost treasure. They grow up so fast!

Shew! I think I'm ready for bed. I am going to scrounge in the kitchen first. Maybe I'll find an old Thin Mint.

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