Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cousin Camp - Day 3 - Shake, Rattle & Roll

I'm in denial. I am pretending that my living room floor is clean. And that the laundry I need to put away will somehow magically disappear. I still believe in the Laundry Fairy, you know. She, however, has abandoned me in my hour of great need.

I won't waste another minute complaining about the heat...at least until tomorrow. This evening I took Josiah to Vacation Bible School and then took myself off to the library. As my friend, Tabitha, pointed out I am really a Nerd...with a capital N. Only I would choose to go to the library when I have some free time to myself. Then I also went to Starbucks ordered myself a sugar free something and sat and enjoyed a magazine like a grown-up around one of those little tables. I had almost forgotten what grown-up time is like. I spent almost $4 on a drink...It was scandalous. I kinda liked it.

So we are on to Day 3 of Cousin Camp. Now this was a good day. Both of my parents were home from work (not that Papa was in charge of Arts & Crafts, but he did his bit). I started the morning making mountains of pancakes and we were off!

Cousin Camp Day 3

Camper of the Day: Alexandra
Age: 8
Favorite Food: She is crazy for Freeze Pops!
Favorite Past Time: Gymnastics & Art

 Now Alex is something else. She could probably keep all of us in line.  She is also very flexible. It's pretty freaky. She is also very socially conscious. She is growing her hair out to donate to Locks of Love.  This girl doesn't miss a trick. I could use her as my personal assistant. I wonder if my brother and sis-in-law would let her work for all the Freeze Pops should could eat...Sugar Free, of course. I need a good manager in my life. She is never as somber as she appears in the picture. She's got her picture taking face on.

Cooking School: Christmas Fudge

As I said my parents were home on Day 3. Which means Beke leaned back and let Ama run cooking school. She had too. I planned Homemade Fudge on this day and I can't make Fudge to save my life. I think it is a patience thing with me. Anyhoo...When I was a little girl every Christmas my Mom make batches of cookies & homemade candy. My favorite wasn't the Fudge (though it ranked right up there). My Mom makes the best Peanut Brittle. It is thin and crispy and wonderful. But this Fudge was pretty great. 

The little round ball they are passing around is a little ball of Fudge. They are testing for the "Soft Ball Stage"...and no, this has nothing to do with Sports.


Another great thing about Day 3 was that Pop set up the pool. Now this is high living on the Farm. You fancy folks can take your Cement ponds. Give me a blow-up pool any day. When it's hot this will do just fine.

We're so fancy we even provided a life guard. This one seems to be dozing on the job, however.

How do you like our Lawn Tractor Speedway? I was hoping that Papa would crank up the real tractor. This would have to do. My dad and his sombero.

Every summer day needs a hot game of marbles on the back porch. Or every hot day needs a summer game of marbles on the back porch. Frankly, I seem to be losing mine (marbles that is).

Bento Box Lunch. The sandwiches are Chicken Salad. My mom canned the pickled okra. I have the only jar remaining. No. You cannot have them.

Afternoon Tea:  Actually, it was Iced Coffee (sugar free).

Arts & Crafts: Gourd Instruments

Now this was quite a project. The kids painted and designed their own gourds. I did assist with Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumbers Face. 

The Motley Crew. 

I took the video later that night during our Sing-A-Long. I tried to upload at least one. They are pretty funny. Sadly, my skills don't extend to figuring it out. I'll try again soon. You will just have to trust me for now.
Tomorrow. Cousin Camp Day 4 - Hit Me With Your Best Shot.

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