Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cousin Camp - Day 4 - Hit Me With Your Best Shot

It's so hot I considered setting supper out on the balcony to simmer. Really. I had to go out early this morning to my doctor's office. By the time I got home around noon it was already 100 degrees (or near to it). Needless to say, I spent the rest of the day feeling a bit blah. So when the temp reached 107 this afternoon I had to change my plans to take Josiah to VBS. Or rather my momma told me to stay home. I don't care if I'm on the fast road to 40. I do what my momma says. My heart has been acting a bit flippy floppy today so I'm trying to be good.

Day 4 of Cousin Camp. I was really feeling it this day. There is only so much a body can take. I took to ingesting large amounts of caffeine and mumbling to myself. My family is used to my quirkiness. They just ignore me.

Cousin Camp Day 4

Camper of the Day:Josiah
Age: 9
Favorite Food: Anything as long as you add a cup of sugar (at least)
Favorite Past Time: Emulating Indiana Jones and Saving the World from Impending Doom

How do I love this boy? Let me count the ways. He had an absolute blast this week.  He asked me tonight if we "won" him. We adopted him when he was 2 weeks old. I would say that we won indeed.

Badmitten: Hit Me With Your Best Shot

This is about as sporty as it gets, folks. Unless you count fishing (which oddly nobody got pictures of). This was our version of Beach Volleyball. It was hot enough. Mom showed the kids how the game is played. I just spent my time yelling from the porch, "You have to hit the crazy thing...No...don't hit your cousin! You better not aim that thing at me!"

All the old paintings on the tombs

They do the sand dance don't you know.....

I couldn't help myself.  Josiah is doing his best Bangle imitation. (oh whey, oh)

Cooking School: Coconut Cream Pie

The Cooks

The rolling out of the pie crust. I made a oil pie crust in the food processor and Mom showed them how to roll it out. Pretty fun stuff.

Nothing like a rolling pin. So many uses. You can even use the rolling pin to whack people upside the head. Or so I've heard. 

Crazy face of the day alert!

 Here you can see my fingers. I'm demonstrating the art of the pie crust. I don't make the best pie crusts (my sister does). But I know how to make one that doesn't fall apart.  

This recipe for Coconut Cream Pie comes from the old Betty Crocker Cookbook.  I am going to post recipes from our week sometime this evening. All lite and calorie free, of course.

The Art of Separating an Egg. A valuable tool for life.

Christopher turned out to be quite the pro.

A good sniff is all  it takes now and then. I'm just glad I didn't catch him giving it a taste test.

 And here we go! There is nothing like pie. Pie makes the world a better place.

Bento Box Lunch: Lunch was leftover meatloaf (I cooked it on the grill the night before), homemade mac & cheese, grilled zucchini & fresh cantaloupe from the garden.

Arts & Crafts: Weaving

Yes. You heard me right. Weaving. Mom (aka Ama) is currently teaching a weaving class at work. My Dad made her a loom that sits in the living room and then she has all these other little looms just lying about. I kind of felt like I was trapped in Little House In The Big Woods. Except that Pa never showed up with his fiddle and there was a microwave. And electricity. And I was wearing flip flops. And drinking Iced Coffee.

This was a fun activity for the all the kids, but it was Christopher who really excelled with the weaving. He was actually the last one at the table with his project. 

My weaving is still sitting in the corner by the fireplace at my Mom's. I'm not sure what I'm weaving. Some people just have a way with textiles. I am not one of those peoples.

Tomorrow - Cousin Camp Day 5 - Picture Perfect

If you would like you can read about our other days of Cousin Camp - Day 1 - Day 2 - Day 3.

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